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Landing sound playing both my custom sound and the default "GRUNT" sound effect?


I'm trying to change the landing sound of when you fall but for some reason, DooM keeps playing the default GRUNT sound as well as my custom landing sound at the same time. I'm not fully sure on how to have a new fall sound without trying to change the "GRUNT" sound (since the same grunt sound is used when you press a wall and nothing happens).


This is what I have so far in SNDINFO that handles the "landing" sound:

$playersound    Dyna    male    *land        LAND
$playersound    Dyna    female    *land        LAND
$playersound    Dyna    other    *land        LAND

Any ideas?

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You could add a sound file called DSOOF to your pwad, and have the sound file completely silent.

This of course will also override the nudge sound you would hear when the player searches to open a door etc.


If you still hear the sound, then there's another version of the sound floating around, perhaps in the engine resource file.

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DSNOWAY is the sound for pushing on a wall, and DSOOF is the sound for landing.  In the Doom IWADS, they are identical, but you can replace them independently, with no need for SNDINFO.

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I can't take credit for this answer. I totally forgot about he DSNOWAY sound!

Still the same method I suppose.

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