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My first "30 Minute Map"

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6 minutes ago, Magicana said:

30 minute map as in it took you 30 minutes to build? The map looks a little too good for that!

 Im not counted the testing/bug fixing (i forgot place the red skull key ect.)time.

The whole map finished at least 30 minute. (33) I planned it out in thought. so I could work quickly.

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I've completed tour map on UV in 1.44 minute, with 100% kills, 100% items and 100% secrets. 


The map was a really small and cute level, very well designed for a 30 minutes work.


Starting with the visuals:

you have been able to create a map with a decent level of detail without actually placing it. I mean, the map has no detail, but the textures, the use of light and sky and the torches make it a good map to look at, so really good work.

The first switch was unpegged for some reason, so a weird effect happens (the wall is not moving, it is simply disappearing). 


Thing placement:

nothing to say also here. The map was action packed and balanced. The use of chaingunners to pressure the player in order to push him against other enemies was well made and generally the map was really smooth to play. 


General design:

the map remainds me of a 1024 level.  It was a small cramped space to play in, but it was also well constructed and populated in the right way, so everything work the way it is supposed to work. The level of visual connections is perfect (the map is totally visible from the beginning so we can't ask more) and I never felt lost. I have to say that I prefer automatic lifts rather than switch-activated ones, but there is no problem with this thing at all.


Overall a really nice map. Worth to be downloaded and played.

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