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Looking for old PC Gamer UK Magazine

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Posted (edited)

Hi all,


I collect old Pc Magazines on Doom 3. I am looking for a specific Issue of  PcGamer Uk. Its Issue 111 from July 2002. 

If someone owns this issue and would like to sell it, or knows about a digital copy please contact me. Hope its okay that I ask here in this forum. Otherwise please delete the topic. I appreciate any help. 


Thanks in Advance. :)


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I had a good look around but didn’t find it, there is somebody on Archive.org who uploaded a lot of PC Gamer scans (possibly not UK), if it’s the right magazine do a search on there and possibly contact the user who scanned them to see if they have that one?

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Hi FreakZoneGames and thanks for looking! :)

Yes I have seen the scanned PC Gamer mags on Archive.org. Most all of them are US issues. Maybe I really have to contact some guys there. Thought I would ask here first. There was a thread in 2002 here in the Forum about this issue with linked images. But they are not available anymore. 


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Oh my... I have that magazine.


The thing is, it's the latin american issue, so it's in spanish.

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