Abandon is a Boom-compatible wad composed of large, difficult slaughter maps.   Maps by:   Bemused Benjogami Scotty   with custom menu graphics by Insane_Gazebo, and status bar by galileo31dos01. Thanks to Ribbiks for technical and nodebuilding expertise, and to our many playtesters over these few years. Full credits will be compiled when we have an RC. Mapping started in 2016, and the beta is here! See link below. Tested mostly in glboom+ and prboom+. Use glboom+ if you care about higher framerates, but prboom+ doesn't often go below 35fps on my modest gaming laptop. Even GZDoom only seems to have a few areas of choppiness, depending on your settings (you probably don't want dynamic lights on, for example).   Beta1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b79qebd59e1e999/abandon_beta1.zip?dl=1   Why is it a beta and not a release candidate? There are a couple of features that aren't finished yet: difficulty settings and coop compatibility (there are definitely coop softlocks atm). And of course there will be balance changes and bug fixes according to feedback. Otherwise, the maps should be complete and polished UV experiences. Demos will most likely be desync'd at some point, though.   Map List   MAP01: "Crimson Dawn" by Scotty
MAP02: "The Cauldron" by Scotty
MAP03: "Claustrophobic Sting" by Bemused
MAP04: "Abyssal Artifact" by Benjogami
MAP05: "7th Gate" by Bemused
MAP06: "Rathcroghan" by Bemused
MAP07: "Seething Shadows" by Scotty
MAP08: "Pestilence" by Bemused
MAP09: "Solaris" by Scotty
MAP10: "The Gripping Hand" by Benjogami
MAP11: "Decayed Valhalla" by Bemused
MAP12: "Iron Colossus" by Bemused
MAP13: "Gehenna" by Bemused
MAP14: "Descent to Madness" by Bemused
MAP15: "Switchblade" by Scotty
MAP16: "Thrice-Razed Capitol" by Benjogami and Bemused
MAP17: "New Life from Old" by Benjogami