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Abandon - Beta is here!

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On 8/15/2019 at 1:54 AM, elend said:

Oh god, this looks crazy awesome. Too bad I will probably have to cheat, but I have to see the architecture at least.


It does look really awesome. I'll probably IDDQD it too though...


Interesting that the few slaughtermaps I have tried (and failed...) often seem to have awesome architecture.

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Highly recommend you try it without cheats first, the balancing here is well thought out. I haven't beaten all the levels, mind.

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Absolutely stunning visuals on display – scared out of my skin to play it though as I just got done getting crushed by TNT on Hurt Me Plenty. With saves.

Edited by Cammy

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UV with saves, pistol start

Port: GLBoom+ -complevel 9

Total IGT: 12:05:48

Personal Difficulty Evaluation: 4.5 (4 = Stardate 20X6, 4.5 = Stardate 20X7)

Personal Rating: 9.0 (out of 10)


A pretty fun and challenging mapset. One minor complaint is that in various maps, there's no blocklines around platform fights and monsters can fall off and screw up max kills. Other than this, there's no actual problem from my side.


Architectures look good. Probably the first instinct is Sunder style, but right now there are many mappers capable doing the stuff, so it's not Sunder style anymore. It's just one type of good architectures commonly used in slaughter maps, I guess.


Most of the gameplay involves in slaughter fights, and they are pretty much all well designed. Except some easier maps in the sets, basically each map offers different type of battle experience. There are a few fights that I didn't figure out what should I do, but that's on my side. Platforming does play a big role in the gameplay, so if you hated platforming, probably this WAD is not for you.


BTW, congrats on the Cacoward, definitely worthwhile.

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Awesome experience, even though it's only a beta for now. Can't wait to perish while trying to beat the whole thing.

Hear, hear for your Cacoward as well.

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4 hours ago, Destructo said:

Either dropbox is down or the link is broken. 

Hmm, it's working for me at the moment.


Thanks for the grats everyone! Several days ago, I wrote up some of my Abandon story and a reaction to the award, but I spent too much time and effort on it and became embarrassed. Maybe later, lol.


Been pecking away at the beta2 RC1 changelist here and there. I'm a little past half done with the work that my maps need, and I've seen some evidence of work by the others as well. Maybe this year? :D

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It took me about 6 months, but I finally beat every level on ultra violence and no cheats. I must have died a couple thousand times. This was the toughest wad I have ever played, but also one of the most rewarding. The level design is excellent, the visuals are excellent, the ammo was barely enough, and the challenges are unique. There are plenty of rooms throughout the levels that still haunt me. Map 10 and 17 were my favorites. Map 6 and 9 were the most difficult for me. With lots of practice, you could beat the levels with health and ammo to spare. 10/10

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Finally got around to finishing this WAD, excellent work! Definitely one of my new favorites. I think map13 was the highlight for me. Also it seemed weird that the difficulty sort of tapered off after map10. It seemed to get easier until map17, which was pretty hard for me.


As far as bugs, I didn't find anything but one part of map16 was odd. In the first building you drop down in on the blue skull key path, there are oddly placed monster block lines that stop almost all the hell knights from swarming you. I don't know if that was on purpose, but it just seemed like an odd design choice.

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Wonderful wad =)  map5 is my favorite so far, the atmosphere is wonderful; but i've enjoyed all the maps i played so far (most of the wad).


In map 15 I also found an odd linedef?  After you enter the blue key area and pass an interesting platforming fight, you take a lift down to a room with cacos and revs; if you stay on the platform and fire at them, they don't wake up (except those you damage).


In the end of map 10, well, the infinite height of lost souls takes on a whole new meaning.



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