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looking for advice on wad

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what would be some texture choices to make this map look less crappy? is the play too bad?




update: https://drive.google.com/open?id=18r7f555tH7ACzIJy5Zueoces1S3xTn0x


:update . https://drive.google.com/open?id=1u59xCZA5pHLYRNqouTtH1IvQ8fAvmdqx


update: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gO7cLVOxKx8ot2WMthXGmPg_bst-Nz1O


i texted using zdoojm






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Looks fine. Haven't played it yet but i will later today.

The door width is too big for that door texture so it looks a little weird. Try using 64mp (map pixels) so that the door texture will perfectly fit the space. 


Some areas look a little spartan IMO so maybe try adding a little detail there. 


I'll take a closer look later. 


Don't forget these hotkeys! :


A = auto align texture (horizontally)

A + Control = auto align texture (horizontally AND vertically)

Shift + Left click = flood select texture

Shift + Left click + Control = flood select texture (same height only)


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Just played it (Sorry, non-updated). Pretty good so far. Some areas are a bit too dark but mostly clever use of lighting. It's a bit tricky to get out of the kitchen, once you are in there. The switch in the refrigerator didn't work. 

Texture-wise, it doesn't really matter too much because most of the map is very dark LOL. Also, there's lots of action so details are easily missed. 

Apart from that this map is pretty cool with some cool house details. Keep going. 


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Lots of nice details in this wad but unfortunately it's too dark to notice most of them. I like the stove in the kitchen.


To make a switch shootable you'll need to use "G" commands instead of "S" for switch. (G=gunfire).


Unfortunately your refrigerator switch "159: SW1 floor lower to lowest floor (changes texture) " has no number equivalent. So you'll need to go into Generalized Actions and configure it manually. For example:


Category: Floor

Trigger: Gunfire Once

Speed: Normal

Model: Trigger

Direction: Down

Target: Lowest adjacent floor

Change: Change texture only

Crusher : No


As for the bug in the screenshot above, that's caused missing textures on the sides of the crushing ceiling sectors. The same thing occurs in the doorway, there's no texture on the side area of the door so when the door is open, it looks like there is no wall there. If you open the door (in the editor) and put Doortrak there, then close the door, it should be fine. Don't forget to Lower Unpeg (L) the doortrak so that it doesn't go up when the door opens. It should remain still when the door is opened. Also, consider changing the door width to 8mp so that the doortak texture is a perfect fit. Making sure your constructions are designed so that textures can fit perfectly is the challenging part of Doom mapping. 


Good luck and keep going ; )

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