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It must be difficult to make maps for id Tech 6

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I used to make maps for id Tech games, and it used to be fun, but not too difficult. I loved id Tech 4 as an engine, but never got around to making maps for it, much to my disappointment.


But then id Tech 5 came along with Rage, and it seems that NO-ONE has made maps for it, probably because they don't know how the textures are applied to the brush surfaces in that engine. Unless, of course, brushes have been done away with and it's just plain polygons now? I have no idea.


And id Tech 6 came out with Doom 2016, and the geometric detail in all of the maps absolutely skyrocketed, I can't believe how difficult it must be to make maps with the complexity they have here. How it is done in a three-window+3D system? Or isn't it? No wonder SnapMap was implemented as a prefab system instead!


Any articles or videos on how they made maps in Doom 2016? I'm so curious to find out.


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No one make maps because no one has bothered to reverse engineer the game's file system. (And not just models and textures)

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On 8/16/2019 at 10:04 AM, Foebane72 said:

brushes have been done away with and it's just plain polygons now? I have no idea.

Pretty sure they're made of polygonal meshes, brushes nowadays are just basic temporary measurement shapes for the level blocking phase, and meshes are easier on performance, If you copy a brush multiple times each would be stored in memory separately, whereas meshes only get stored in memory once so it's less memory usage if you re-use the same mesh more than once compared to brushes. and meshes offer more flexibility in how you shape them because you get to control how they're rendered and which parts get smoothed out....etc


With that said, If someone figures out how the map format works maybe we'll see some form of custom levels, until then we're stuck with SnapMap.

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