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wads which play nicely on a phone

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considering you are familiar with the awesome delta-touch and its controls, which wads do you think play the best? im bored of playing the original wads on the train, but they are very playable. modern wads have insane amounts of enemie and can only be playable with mouse and keyboard. so which is a good challenge but doable?

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I had a great time with some of the community chest wads.  Hellbound is pretty fun, Strife I'm still working through the slaughter maps.  Doom 2 the way ID Did, Doom 64 Retribution, Rekkr, Adventures of Square are all really good on mobile.  Been very impressed with Doom Tribute, great design and pacing.  Haven't completed many of the sets I've downloaded, there are so many maps and mods I want to try.


I usually play on HMP for newer stuff and UV for older stuff, and I know what you mean about the mouse and keyboard requirement but don't give up, you can get m/kb style of control out of 2 finger touch.


Some suggestions for better touch control.


1.  Turn up the sensitivity on your touch controls for both looking and moving.  With mouse and keyboard and always run on it's just a digital toggle, with analog it's a gradient.  It'll take you longer to get to full speed unless you turn the sensitivity up on the movement stick.  With regards to the look stick, you should be able to turn 180 degrees with 1 swipe of the finger.  Also turn down the vertical look sensitivity if you use freelook, it's rare that you need that much speed for looking up and down in Doom, plus step 2 is more relevant for vertical aim.


2.  Turn on gyro.  I can't stress this enough, gyro makes the gameplay almost identical to mouse and keyboard.  I've set mine so it's just a bit above normal movement.  I made a video showing the difference with some gameplay of Maps of Chaos and the Brutal Doom mod.  I choose Brutal Doom because of the amount of on screen controls.  The video below shows a bit of gameplay with and without gyro.



I've only spoken of this final step in one public instance, I regretted it, but it is so useful for mobile gaming I have to share.


3.  Nasal Sebum, or nose oil.


Hear me out!  I work with many chemicals and my fingers don't slide on my phone very easily, they skid.  Take your thumbs and run them along the sides of your nose, where it meets your face.  This oil is perfect so your fingers will glide across the screen, so much easier to play these faster paced games.  To those who find it disgusting, remember, it goes against your face all the time, just keep a cleaning cloth with you.


I also noticed you had an S7 from another post, that's my old phone!  I've currently got it loaded with classic games and am making it a portable gaming device, Quad Touch included.  I've just recently found a good resolution for GZDoom 4 on the S7 in 1080 mode.  I've set it at 768x432 and now it can handle many more dynamic light sources without frame drops.  I use no filters so I love the crispy look as well.

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