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whats your favorite doom 1 or 2 enemy?

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8 hours ago, pop13lolol said:

you got a picture of it we can see?



Still have to add some teeth and file out the hands properly plus a couple coats of paint and a varnish... i'll get to it eventually... was my first ever clay model and it came out pretty good. Not sure what to try next... open to suggestions though...

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1. Red Head

2. Bruisers
3. Fatso

4. That big semi robot demon

5. Running fire man

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On 8/17/2019 at 10:27 PM, Sir Hattington said:

The demonic meatball.



Great suggestion for Doom. 


For Doom 2, this one is a shoe-in:



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The Archvile for me as well. When not abused it's a challenging enemy but with reasonable counters. Also its design gives Doom somewhat of a deeper mysterious hierarchy of monsters. Something that the new Dooms are exploring deeply.

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I'm going to go with the Angry Flying Tomato.

Big enough to not be a pushover. Not a pain to fight. It's flying so it's a bit weird to fight them. And they just look cool.


Technically I like Barons and Hellknights more, but they can really be frustrating at times. I don't even remember having a frustrating encounter with a Caco except for that one hiding in the dark in E2M1.

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Every time I answer with a different demon. So I'd just say anything but zombieman\imp since I never pick those.

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