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Can't see/set triggers in GZDoom Builder (RESOLVED)

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Posted (edited)

Here's a screenshot of the current GZDB Bugfix where I can't see any field for type of trigger or OK or Cancel buttons, so I'm stuck with player walks over for trigger type for whatever linedef until I open it in something else.   I also have to press enter or escape on a field that it doesn't affect to confirm or cancel my line changes.


And here's a screenshot of old Doom Builder where I can set the trigger type and the tops of the OK/Cancel are barely visible and clickable.


My resolution is 1366x768 on this laptop.



On a side note, relearning how to do polyobjs, damn that's weird that you use the angle of the anchor and start thing to match to the tag.



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Posted (edited)

Oh I run in to that too actually.. 

Although I haven't mapped for awhile.. what I had to do, after making my settings in the dialog, is simply press Enter.. :)

~ as it (the OK button) is already (should be) highlighted..


It is a little annoying, but just pressing Enter works, luckily..

They really need to try to make that dialog a bit smaller or scale it wider so pep's like use can see the whole dialog at our res..


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I finally could test this on my old laptop, which my son had borrowed.

Resolution is set to 1366x768, which NVIDIA Control Panel showed as default.



I tested this with GZDoom Builder r2787



and with GZDoom Builder - Bugfix r3060 and r3074



I'm not sure why your laptop should be rendering the editing panes any different.



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It's probably related to the system's default font sizes.


In your Windows control panel, you should have something related to accessibility somewhere, where you'll find something like one of those:




So try kicking size down a notch.

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Awesome, that was exactly it.   Thanks!  Now that fixes the color-remapper in Slade as well.

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