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Gamescom 2019

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Anyone think we'll see anything new or just another "come and get hands-on with Doom Eternal!" aka playthrough of mars core and that's it. can't believe we're like 3 months away from release and they haven't shown hell/heaven but that only increases my excitement.

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I hope they don’t show anything. Save it for release or at least release week. 

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To be fair, there's not much reason to show Hell. We already had a good look at it in 2016, so we know what we're in for in some sense. As for Heaven, well... we've seen something that either is in Heaven, or is a heavenly battleship at least, so it's something to go by. 

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Speaking of more events:




Gamer Network, organisers of the UK’s premier games events is excited to announce that DOOM Eternal, the upcoming sequel to DOOM (2016), will be playable at EGX 2019!

The UK’s biggest games event, EGX will take place at London’s ExCeL on the 17th – 20th October, where UK fans will be some of the first to play the blistering and brutal first-person shooter.

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