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Martin Howe

[RELEASE] One With The Force - Lightweight Star Wars mod for Doom 1

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Commence primary ignition like it's 1995!  

One With The Force is a light-weight reskin-orientated mod for Doom 1 that aims to give the player a classic Star Wars Doom feel with more consistency and fewer bugs.

Modern Star Wars mods focus on a total conversion, often using resources from various games and advanced scripting for ZDoom, EDGE, etc. This one takes the opposite approach; instead of Doom in the Star Wars Universe, it is created as if Star Wars originally took place in the Doom Universe.

Essentially a deduplication and refurbishment of the many mid-1990s Star Wars mods from the "themes/starwars" subdirectory, this is designed to have the classic near-vanilla feel of those mods, mostly by reskinning, with as little scripting (DeHackEd, Decorate, SndInfo, etc.) as possible.

* In come monsters and pickups matching their original behaviours!

* Out go overused AlienDOOM guns that don't match the pickup sprites!

* Out go cheesy sounds like "Whoo-Hoo!" when killing a storm trooper!

* Pickup strings and some actors are slightly altered for consistency!

Most actors have are sprite changes only; some are slightly renamed to make them more futuristic/magic looking, or for consistency with similar items. In a few cases they will behave slightly differently but better in ZDoom, with the overall look and feel being the same (e.g. tech pillars).

Some special effects are available that give a more pleasing experience; however, they go way beyond reskinning and minor behavioural changes; they are thus provided in a separate WAD file, 1ForceFX.wad, which should be loaded after 1Force.wad; see the notes at the end of the text file for details. The main WAD file includes the resources for them; 1ForceFX is just the scripts.

I made this purely for myself, so these ideas are highly subjective; this is being shared here in case anyone is looking for something similar.


Now at V1.0 and uploaded to the archive. Direct links: textfile download


Special thanks to XIM for giving me a taste for Star Wars in Doom again after over a decade :)


Enjoy and may you forever be One with the Force!

Screenshots (slightly out of date, will update when at home):





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