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Favorite Doom Boss

Favorite Doom Boss and why?  

64 members have voted

This poll is closed to new votes
  1. 1. Note: I will be closing the poll at the end of the month. Also feel free to let me know if I missed any.

    • The Baron Brothers (Doom 1993)
    • Cyberdemon (Doom 1993)
    • Spiderdemon (Doom 1993)
    • Icon of Sin (Doom ll)
    • 20 Chain-gunners paired with Arch Viles (Final Doom)
    • Mother Demon (Doom 64)
    • Vagary (Doom 3)
    • Guardian of Hell (Doom 3)
    • Sabaoth (Doom 3)
    • Cyberdemon (Doom 3)
    • Helltime Hunter (Doom 3)
    • Berserk Hunter (Doom 3)
    • Invulnerability Hunter (Doom 3)
    • Maledict (Doom 3)
    • Cyberdemon (Doom 2016)
    • Hell Guards (Doom 2016)
    • Spider Mastermind (Doom 2016)

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  • Poll closed on 08/31/19 at 05:00 PM

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I say IOS from plutonia. Pretty good level and hard battle overall.


A close one was the mother demon, but then I remembered how easy the fight is if you get all 3 demon runes through the game.

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Posted (edited)

Definitely the OG Cyberdemon. Although the Baron Brothers (aka Bruiser Brothers) are definitely iconic as well imo.

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8 hours ago, CyberDreams said:

Bruiser Brothers

I couldn't remember the name of the duo so I just put the Baron Brothers lol.

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An unsurprising landslide. I voted for the same thing. :)


The Icon of Sin is a nice gimmick and makes for interesting maps combining puzzles and action, but, well, it's hard to see it as a boss.

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I voted the Barons. It's biased since it plays off my shareware nostalgia, but I find it the most aesthetically pleasing, and after playing it 15 years later on Nightmare it was a pleasant pain in the ass which actually functioned liked a real, nerve-wracking boss battle because close quarters respawning fast spectres on those textures are fucked up.

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