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I have a question to make.... Does the Steam Version of Doom I and Doom II support WADS???

It sounds as a  stupid question.....I just want to know.....



PS: I have downloaded WADS from WADarchive.com will that have any inpact???

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The Steam version is just with Dosbox, isn't it? If you really want the vanilla experience, you can use a port like Chocolate Doom or Crispy which would be easier with Wad support.

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The steam version comes with only preconfigured Dosbox (AFAIK). For playing modern wads, what u need is a source port.


There are plenty of source ports for Doom which are used to play doom on modern OSes where the original executable doesn't work. These source ports also add features like improved mapping limits (mandatory for playing modern maps), increased resolution, bug fixes and many more. Some of the most popular source ports include GZdoom, PrBoom+, Crispy Doom, Eternity Engine etc.


Once u download the source port of your choice, all u need to do is copy the .wad files from the steam/installed directory to the source port's folder and play.

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Different source ports have different goals:



Chocolate Doom: This is the most authentic port to the original doom. Unfortunately, the authenticity means that it also comes with original doom's restrictions. It only supports 320x200 resolution, 35 framerate cap, has the original's bugs and cannot run most modern wads due to original limits.


Crispy Doom: This is a step up from the chocolate doom. It supports upto 640x400 resolution and supports uncapped framerate. It also has bug fixes and removed maping limits, thus has capabilities of running more wads (wads that require limit-removing ports) compared to chocolate doom. I recommend this port for the starting experience.


PrBoom+: This is a favourite port among the more hardcore doomers and speedrunners. This source port supports high resolutions (upto 1920x1080 resolution), demo recording and playback features, removed limits and also supports wads that have Boom/MBF features. It also comes with a hardware renderer.


GZDoom: This is the most popular and advanced doom port in terms of modding/editing features. It also comes with a hardware renderer with optional advanced visual and quality-of-life options like uncapped framerate, support modern resolutions, dynamic lights, SSAO etc. This port can run almost any wad u throw at it. This port also supports other doom engine games like Heretic, Hexen and Strife. It is my personal favourite port. Unfortunately it requires a more modern system compared to other ports that I mentioned.


Eternity Engine: This is a port that is sort of in Between PrBoom+ and GZdoom in terms of features. It supports most of PrBoom+ features minus the hardware renderer. It also supports some advanced mapping features like those in GZdoom, but has less features than GZdoom. It is a jack of all kind of port.


There are other many ports, but these are the 5 most important ports in my opinion.

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1 hour ago, ReaperAA said:

Crispy Doom: It supports upto 640x400 resolution

It's been a while since I last used Crispy, but doesn't it support higher resolutions? Think I had mine set up to 1366x768 at least.

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1 minute ago, Andromeda said:

It's been a while since I last used Crispy, but doesn't it support higher resolutions? Think I had mine set up to 1366x768 at least.


I meant that the ingame view is rendered at 640x400 res.

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