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"The execution" project ideas and progress |UPDATE|9/20/2019|

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hi doomers, jetx here.




hmm yeah, i did a post of this project and a playable demo some days ago.

download it from here if you want (first four maps):

"what is the execution??" -if you ask-


the execution is my first real DOOM 2 megawad in UDMF format(except for map01 to map05 they are set in"zdoom(doom in hexen format)"), with cutscenes, a simple but interesting history, sector colors, psxDOOM music and ambience, extra psxdoom/doom64 music composed by me, classic doom little references and a long time of the development(i have more things to do). in that time i will upload some miniwads(1 map or 2 per .wad) so now the thing you clicked on in this post ...




-a custom titlemap for the introduction of the story.

-new music (2/5 or 6 tracks done,one of them in my youtube channel).

-a super secret level(the hardest i can create)."ooooooh spooky."

-more secret levels.

-some easter eggs.

-multiplayer settings (more monsters, coop-exits if players cant progress because they died and they cant reach a specific area,more weapons and ammo).

-A.I partner for some levels (no idea how to make this).

-"boss fights".

-map scenario twist(explore u.a.c fusioned with hell rooms like the ultimate doom episode 2: "shores of hell" or something like that.)


YEAH too many ideas but nothing is impossible(maybe...idk).




me and a friend are testing map05(100)% and map06(44%).

(spoilers warning)map05 screenshots:









map05 boss arena,you vs:??????







about map06(development in hiatus):


the development is fine but the beggining of the level is really bland, e x p a n d i n g      t i m e.

im making a sewer section, teleporters, adding and deleting enemies for difficulty balance(weapons included for pistol start(still testing that)).

after that the things are ok now.



sorry no screenshots of this level its not detailed enough and i don't want to show you a trash beta desing :/



well that's all for now, wait for more updates and wait for the miniwads.


you can share ideas with me if you want.


(UPDATE:9/20/2019)PSX SOUNDS:(testing)


i need to replace the sound of the chaingunners and spiderdemons when they attack in SNDINFO.


(archvile sounds):so there's the psxdoom archvile sounds made by aubrey hodges before the monster was removed from the port.(as far as i know)


im testing these sounds and choosing what sounds better, really spooky and cool sounds.


Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Edited by Jetx_121 : testing psxdoom sounds

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