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Message For The Arch-vile 


Waiting for Romero To Play


Into Sandys City


MAP05 - Waste Tunnels

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D_READ_M (Text Endings)




D_RUNNIN (MAP01, MAP15. unironically)



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1.Shawn's got the Shotgun

2.Message for the Arch-Vile

3.Running from Evil

4.Waiting for Romero to play

5.The Demons Dead

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1) Getting Too Tense - the perfect title for it really. The level itself has a tense atmosphere and the track is IMO the second most 'hellish' song in the game (after Opening to Hell) IMO. Somehow it feels like a more serious song than most of the other songs in the game which somehow just sound more fun and lively. This one sounds dramatic to me.

2) Waiting for Romero to Play - I feel like this is another fine choice for both maps. A mysterious courtyard, and a large relatively dark and mysterious level in Monster Condo.

3) Shawns Got the Shotgun - I like the use of it in a lot of large open levels. Hard to describe but I always felt it just kind of 'fit' somehow.

4) The Ultimate Challenge - I know its a Wolfenstein track, but as a boss track I quite like it.

5) Opening to Hell - I never used to like too much. Its relatively slow to start with. But once it gets going it has a really nice 'evil' and intense sound to it. Ive come to appreciate the the start also which has an eerie sound to it and perfect for a level which is meant to contain the ICON of SIN. To be perfectly honest, while I prefer the original Doom's Soundtrack overall, I definitely prefer this as a final level theme.

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