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I'm having trouble playing a WAD of my creation. Here is what is in the wad:
MAP04 (the wad itself)
FUZZZ (an ambient sound)
SNDINFO (for the ambient sound FUZZZ)
SCRIPT04 (this level has some scriptage in it)
RSKY1 (I imported this from another wad, now I can't figure out how to delete it)
SPSKY1 (It's a renamed version of the of RSKY1)

My problem is that when I go to play the level, ZDoom crashes. It wasn't doing this until I decided to add the sky texture from the other wad. I cannot figure out to remove it from the wad, and therefore my level cannot be played. Someone help me out?

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The best way is to use Wintex 4.3, go to the patches section, and just delete the patch. After that, it should use the original one.

Also, did you use DeuSF to merge this wad of yours? If so, you'll need to restore the iwad in order for you to see a difference.

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