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Any ways to change weapon/enemy behaviors using Dehacked?


I've seen in many wads that it's possible to modify weapon behavior (making a pistol fire faster than usual, for instance) and enemy behavior (lost souls become more aggressive, and IIRC some monsters have lower HP than vanilla monsters).
How do I do this in a Dehacked editor? I've read Enjay's tutorial but I can't understand some vital parts of it.

Also sorry if this post is duplicated, if it is then please point me to the former posts about this.

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DeHackEd is literally designed to do exactly that, change weapon and enemy behaviors.


Thing is, however, that it's not extremely simple. You need to understand how Doom works to understand how you can change its behavior. Notably how actors (the thing types you'd want to modify) are defined by a bunch of properties (max health, speed, the sounds they make, etc.) and a bunch of states, and how each state is defined by a sprite, a frame, a duration, an action, and a pointer to the next state. These are what you can modify in DeHackEd; though there are a bunch of caveats about what modifications you can actually make, and how you can make them, depending on whether you're using plain old DEH or the more flexible BEX.


If Enjay's tutorials are too complex for you, I would suggest starting with something simpler and with less limitations, like DECORATE. Then you can move to the more challenging DeHackEd.

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Damn.. I have a 30 minute video tutorial uploading to youtube as I type this, but its taking FOREVER because my net is garbage. It's only 3 gigs, it's been going for at least 3 hours, and is only at 35%.... but, when it finishes (some time tomorrow at this rate) hopefully it will make DeHackEd editing/loading patches using dosbox/all that shit somewhat clear, so more people can get into it.


EDIT: Oh, and it's pretty vital that you use WhackEd4 ( http://www.teamhellspawn.com/exl/whacked4/ ) to actually make your .DEH patch since its like 999x easier than doing it with Dehacked.exe in DosBox.

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