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Making an invisible door (vanilla)


In a similar way to fake bridges, I'm trying to make an invisible door for vanilla/limit removing ports. I tried making a self referencing sector, but projectiles pass through them and enemies can see you from the other side.

I'm following an example from Alien Vendetta MAP25:


Notice that the ceiling of the invisible sector isn't bleeding


So I tried to do the same thing on my map, opened that map on DB and tried to do the exact same thing, but apparently I'm not doing something right, because I can see the ceiling of the invisible door:


Can somebody please tell me how to do a PERFECTLY invisible door?

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Ok, I finally did it, and what I was doing at the start was right. However, what I was trying to acomplish could be done if things were made in a certain order, which means now I have to do everything from the start, which I was trying to avoid.

Anyway, thanks @Kappes Buur for trying to help me.

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4 hours ago, Gothic said:

An explanation of the process would've been preferable.


I give you some hints:

Open that map in the editor.

Inspect the sectors and linedef assignments of the middle door.

Try to replicate in a new map to wind up with something like this




Compare your map with mine.



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