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Any good Doom MegaWads?

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If what you're looking for is stuff that plays similarly to those examples you mentioned, I can suggest Reverie, Alien Vendetta, Epic 2 (prequel is only 5 boom maps if you're curious), Plutonia 2... or else check this blog where you can find extensive reviews of many megawads and their download links, personally one of the best sources to find out stuff that could suit you.

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Anything by skillsaw is well worth checking out also. I'd personally recommend you start with Vanguard to get an idea of his style, but really, any of his major works (Lunatic/Vanguard/Valiant/Ancient Aliens) are amazing, with Valiant being my personal favorite. The latter 2 in particular are also extremely well-received, on the same level as something like Alien Vendetta or Scythe 2.

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Wow Doomkid. All vanilla compatible? I might give this a go! 

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Well i didn't mention many wads because I thought the OP was looking for vanilla compatible wads. If that is not the case, then I will mention the following wads as well:


- Eviternity (requires MBF compatible port)

- Valiant (requires MBF compatible port)

- Sawdust (scrapped Valiant maps. requires MBF compatible port)

- Ancient Aliens (requires Boom compatible port)

- Lunatic (requires Boom compatible port)

- Vanguard (requires Boom compatible port)

- Deathless (requires limit removing port)

- No End in Sight (requires limit removing port)

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- Alien Vendetta.

- Combat Shock duology.

- Deus Vult duology.

- Scythe trilogy.

- Stardate 20x6.

- THT: Threnody.

- Return to Hadron duology.

- Legacy of Heroes.

- Coffee Break.

- Rush.

- Tangerine Nightmare.

- Avactor.

- Moonblood/Exomoon.

- Resurgence.

- Speed of Doom.

- Epic 2.

- Kama Sutra.

- Disparate Realities.

- Hanging Gardens (requires GZDoom but it's otherwise standard Doom gamsplay and monsters).

- UAC Ultra.

- 50Monsters.


All the others are Boom-compatible/Limit-removing.

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alien vendetta


Dark covenant




all of these are awesome old school megawads from a similar time and are of a similar vein to the wads you mentioned.

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I know it's already been mentioned above but i think DoomTheWayIDDid is pretty special if you want a new vanilla experience. 

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