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Quake Oatmeal (single map)

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27 minutes ago, Gothic said:

Might make more maps in the future, but nothing planned for now.

Maybe are you planning to make a Quake monster mod in Doom style for vanilla maps? That would be very appropriate. This former human and dogs looks quite good.

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Posted (edited)

Played this. 


- The shotgun in slot 2 tripped me up a bit, not using the full HUD. I pressed 3 to switch back to it once of course but that does nothing, so I was wondering if something broke.

- The shotgunner's new pickup is fine but chaingunners dropping bullet boxes feels very weird, not to mention it's practically unlimited bullets after you get the chaingun.

- Could use stronger markings for the key doors. So much of the map is brown that everything blends together and conveyance is rough.  

- Those dogs are adorable and it doesn't feel right to kill them. 

- Plasma dudes dropping 20 cells might be a lot. If you make additional maps, I'd see if it's possible to reduce this in half or even quarter if you're going to use them frequently. 

- Gameplay is somewhat one-note: a lot of sniping hitscans and fending off melee mobs of dogs, latter usually from one direction. A change-up here and there is a good idea. 

- Layout/aesthetics/atmosphere/etc. are not bad. The arbitrary cutoffs with those 128x128 textures is a tad ugly, but idk if that is Quake-idiomatic or not. 


Edited by rdwpa

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Played through (You can hear my voice occasionally - My microphone isn't very good, and I don't much like talking when I'm playing).



Bit of an unusual map, gameplay wise. Regular shotgun in slot 2 in place of the pistol - That's kind of neat. Shotgunners and Chaingunners dropping shotgun shells and boxes of bullets respectively - That's interesting.


But you swapped out the slot 3 shotgun for A BURST SHOTGUN and you didn't seem to include it in the map? That's bizarre. I only realised because I played a little bit of Underhalls and grabbed the "shotgun" in that first room. You may be the first mapper to ever include a neat little new weapon in the wad and NOT actually give it to the player.

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I only added it because I didn't want 2 shotguns, so consider it a bonus for cheaters. If I ever do more maps, I'll try to rebalance them, 2 shotgun shots aren't as powerful as a SSG shot.

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Wilford Brimley would be proud!   ...Except for what Quaker Oats has become.   Those vats that appear to be nukage are probably Monsanto's carcinogenic glyphosate.

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Played this few days ago. Can't really remember my exact thoughts but there was a lots of hitscanners and the doors could have been marked better. i didn't even notice the different weapon slots because after getting the chaingun there was no reason to use the shotgun. 

Here is my gameplay video. It got dicked by youtube and was unavailable to watch for a while but it should be good now 


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Played it with Final Doomer (class: Doomguy), so my weapon slots were untouched by your changes.


The map is great, no complaints there. But since you had decided to include custom monsters, you should have gone nuts with it and include some more. There are cool Quake monsters sprites in the community, it would be nice to see them here. Two new monster types in a Quake themed map is a little... underwhelming.


My playthrough:



Make another!


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