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Co-op Zdoom recommendations? like Sunlust/Eviternity

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Recently and friend and I loaded up Sunlust and Eviternity (holy.. friggin..cow.. amazing!) and are looking to spend a few nights burning through these kind of WADs. Anyone have any recommendations for - 


-Doom2 IWAD

-Co-op compatible 

-Compatible / designed for (G)Zdoom

-NOT- TCs with custom weapons 

-More than 1 level (we play for a few hours - i.e. we did 2-3 episodes of Eviternity a night)

-Personally I enjoy some more 'modern' stuff with new textures and attention to lighting detail and fake bridges etc..





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Posted (edited)

The other quintessential hard-ish modern megawads besides the ones you mentioned are Scythe 2Speed of DoomResurgenceBack to Saturn X E1 and E2Valiant, and Ancient Aliens. Valiant is a partial conversion with a couple of slightly customized weapons and some custom monsters like Eviternity. If you liked Sunlust, definitely check out other solo stuff by Ribbiks and dannebubinga, but especially Stardate 20X6 and 20X7. I don't know for 100% certain that all of those have coop starts, but all are challenging enough to be good for multiple players and it's common practice for mappers to put 4 player starts in every map, so you're probably good.

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Whether these are co-op I don't know, I assume most are.


going down


japanese community project

ancient aliens


dark encounters

valiant: VE

back to saturn X 1 & 2

good morning phobos

doom 404


the alfonzone

come eat the mapwich

unholy realms


That should keep you busy for a while.

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The Great Bicycle Mystery II (simply an extension of the first GBM) is specifically tailored to co-op.

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5 hours ago, FrancisT18 said:

The Great Bicycle Mystery II (simply an extension of the first GBM) is specifically tailored to co-op.


I was thinking the same, just wondering if it works with modern version of gzdoom before recommend it...


There's also Tarkakanis (I think is called that way) and Swift Dead if you are interested...


You can also try Pizza Steve or Experiencing Nirvana and it's sequel, Back to Nirvana X. But I'm not sure if it's full co-op compatible...

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I had an absolute blast playing through Dark Tartarus on co-op. 43 incredibly challenging maps with often quite abstract gameplay concepts. The kind of thing that is total bullshit in single player but hilarious on co-op.

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Japanese Community Project is a must-play. You’d probably like Mutiny and Chillax as well, they’re great blasts in cooperative.

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