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whats your favorite doom music track?

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mine is At Doom's Gate, Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names), Sign of Evil, Into Sandy's City, and BFG division from doom 4.

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"At DooM's Gate" AKA E1M1's theme. Come on, it's Iconic. (UD version not the D4 "version") XD

"Into Sandy's City" - Only got used once in DooM 2 and I'm a little saddened by that.

"Countdown to Death" - This song weirdly has grown on me.

"Hiding The Secrets" - I love DooM's secret level theme.

"Bye Bye American Pie" - Again, another track I wish got used a little more in DooM 2.

"Human BBQ" - *insert Human BBQ theme here*


"Untitled" - Great opening song to a great episode

"Donna To The Rescue" - Gotta hand it to Bobby Prince, this song is both creepy and awesome. <3

"Deep Into The Code"  - I do love the theme for Pandemonium.


I have way too many songs from DooM/DooM II/ TNT I love. XD

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Donna to the rescue,Running from evil,Untitled,Dark citadel,Track01,Message for the archvile,Shawns got the shotgun and finally






PS. I know i included psx doom and doom64 music in there as well as one tnt track but i think it's good enough for both me and everyone else.

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At Doom's gate

Dark halls

Kitchen Ace


Demons on the prey

They're going to get you


Deep into the code

Facing the Spider

Nobody told me about ID

The end of DOOM

Untiled (e3m1)

Title screen


Doom 2


Message for the archvile

The Dave d. Taylor blues 

Into Sandy's city

The demon's dead

Getting Too Tense

Opening to Hell

Text Screen music

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At Doom's Gate


Nobody Told Me About id


Doom II


Shawn's Got the Shotgun


also I am a big fan of the BFG Division


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Just now, Voltcom said:

In my opinion, the best song in DOOM is E1M8. I have no idea what the actual song title for it is however.

It's called Sign of Evil.

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My favourite DOOM songs from DOOM, DOOM II, Final DOOM, DOOM 3 and DOOM (2016) are
E2M6 Sinister
MAP09 Into Sandy's City
MAP05 Hanger (More)
DOOM 3 Title Screen
and BFG Division

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I sawed the Demons, Intermission from Doom, Into Sandy City is my personal favorite

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They all are great, but my favs are:

e1m2, e1m3, e1m7, e2m1, e2m6, e2m8, e3m2, e5m1, e5m7, e5m8 (MIDI soundtrack of Sigil). I have heard Buckethead's soundtrack on Youtube and i could not call it music, it's a mess of noises to me.

d_stalks, d_the_da, d_in_cit.

I didn't like anything from TnT soundtrack.

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On 10/27/2019 at 7:00 AM, Walter confetti said:

The Dave d. Taylor blues 

Where would you place this one in all the ones you mentioned? I like this one a lot, but it seems many others feel this one is too creepy ;P



5 hours ago, rehelekretep said:

always will be TNT - Death's Bells (m4/13/29)

I like this one, but it seems many found this one tedious. Maybe its feeling stands out a lot compared to others.



On 8/29/2019 at 5:27 PM, TakenStew22 said:

(Into the Beast's Belly)

There's a remix in TNT: Revilution Map01 and maybe you'll like it. and spoiler:


There'll be a WAD called TNT: Devilution with another one. Hope it'll be released this year.


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1 hour ago, GarrettChan said:

I like this one, but it seems many found this one tedious. Maybe its feeling stands out a lot compared to others.


no i can understand it - i like the track because of the loop, its just so satisfying to me but of course if you dont like the loop then it gets old fast!

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For Doom 1, that would be
The Imp's Song
I Sawed the Demons
The Demons from Adrian's pen

Donna to the Rescue

Nobody told me about id

Kitchen Ace


At Doom's Gate?


For Doom 2
The Healer Stalks

Running from Evil

Message for the Archvile

Waiting for Romero 

Countdown to Death

The Dave D. Taylor Blues

Into Sandy's City

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Like many of them, but if I have to pick one today it would be:


Doom: Demons on the Prey (E1M7/E2M5/E3M5/E4M8) - it's one of those tracks that grows slowly on you. The main theme is beautiful, especially considering how simple it is.


Doom II: the Untitled track that plays during text sequences (D_READ_M). Opposite of the above - this one catches your attention immediately, and even now 25 years later there is still something magical about it. Essentially the same ~40-second piece played 7 times (with new instruments joining every time), it feels horribly repetitive, yet fresh, and totally fitting the intermission.

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I think it'd be faster to list the ones I don't like.


Ultimate Doom:

  • At Doom's Gate. Iconic, but perhaps excessively so. I think it suffers from being the first map's music and therefore overheard, though not as much as Running From Evil in Doom II. I like the song well enough on its own, I just don't like when it's reused in maps.
  • Deep Into the Code. Too much of a repetitive drone.
  • Facing the Spider. The abrupt transition when it loops back is what kills it. If it was longer, maybe. Fortunately, E3M8 is a short level, especially when playing continuous and having a BFG.

Doom II:

  • Running From Evil. Again, it's mostly from the overexposure, the song is okay on its own. It has the added sin of being reused instead of yielding that slot to more deserving songs like The Demon's Dead or Into Sandy's City.
  • Bye Bye American Pie. I just find it grating on the ears, too repetitive.
  • Getting Too Tense. Likewise, it's far too repetitive. It'd be okay for a short level, which The Spirit World isn't.

Overall I like most Ult Doom songs more than most Doom II songs. Waltz of the Demons, Demons from Adrian's Pen, Suspense,  Demons on the Prey, They're Going to Get You, On the Hunt, Sign of Evil, The End of Doom, they're all great and very moody. From Doom II I especially like Doom, Shawn's Got the Shotgun, Into Sandy's City, The Demon's Dead, Waiting for Romero to Play, and Read Me.

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I've written about my favorite music tracks before, so I'll just say that I think most of the song names are completely stupid.  Kitchen Ace?  The fuck is that??

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