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I forgot how much fun this game is!

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I've always loved this game and engine, and I still think it looks brilliant to this day, 15 years after release!


I've just replayed it again, and I forgot how much fun the game is. It's down to combat: I know the shotgun is weak, but I find myself running up to imps and trying to get one good single headshot to finish them off, which is quite satisfying. Same for the tentacle commandos, except that they usually get one good smack in first.


The lost souls are easily beaten with the pistol, believe it or not, in just two shots! The chaingun commandoes are tougher, but beatable if you equal them with your own chaingun. Trites are beaten easily with the machinegun, the maggots and wraiths are dealt with with single shotgun blasts, always pointed down, zombies are easily beaten with the pistol at a distance, Revenant rockets are easily avoided, and when it comes to Hell Knights, the Soulcube is the weapon of choice for those... same for Archviles.


I noticed how much sparser the health is when you return from Hell, but I forgot that was what the Soulcube is for!


It was fun playing it again, and I'm going to see if I can beat RoE, too.


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I've just finished the BFG Edition for the first time and I was very impressed to be fair. I'd dare say that some enemies felt like they were out of place in areas , especially the Revenants. Those winged baby things were absolutely hideous , do they have a 'DOOM' name? anyway, I hope they make a Re-appearence in Eternal.

The atmosphere is genuinely pretty scary and I loved the feel of the base, It did feel lived-in by all these scientists and researchers and marines. 

Is it DOOM though? it is........ but a very different flavour. 

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I played original vanilla Doom 3, BTW, so there is less ammo to go around, even on the easiest difficulty.


The winged babies are called Cherubs.


I consider it to be Doom, yes, because more or less the same people and company were behind it, and a lot of the content is based on the same basic premise: Hell invades a Mars base.


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So, I just completed Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil today, and I thought it was just as good as the main game! The Grabber is essential, as is the Artifact, and I didn't realise the powers that the latter had, namely Slow Time, Berserk and Invincibility, when powered up by the three Hunters. Considering the later amounts of big monsters that are thrown at you, they are essential! This expansion justifies people who say that Doom 3 is LITERALLY DARK, but then that's because there's a major power shutdown happening, which is really not surprising. All in all, these are two great games that have aged like fine wine, and I will sure like to revisit them years from now.


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