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What 10 maps would you remove from TNT Evilution?

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Getting rid of 10 seems really steep.  So I only chose as many as I actually though could use removal/rework.


Map 07: It's really a lot of big empty rooms and a few uninspired hallway fights.  

Map 08: Actually a decent map except for that godawful final room.  Put something else there and this map is fine.

Map 10: A short filler map that really shouldn't be in an official IWAD.  Kinda looks like the kind of map you make when you don't have any real ideas.

Map 22: Sewer maps are fine, this one is not.  Except for the  A complete overhaul on this one is needed as the most interesting part of the map is the start room.

Map 24: Another filler map with strange shapes and not a very strong execution of a volcanic quarry.

Map 25: Could have been so much better.  Just a bunch of twisty hallways and bland rooms.

Map 27: Needs a complete overhaul save the mountain itself.  


map 04:  I think this is a great map, and if your attention span is so short that you can't find the second timeline maybe you should stick to knitting.


Map 12: Crater is a really cool map with unusual ideas that really stand out to me.  


Map 18? Really? Probably my favorite map of the set.  The YK puzzle is simply brilliant.


Map 28: Gotta echo Xaser on this one.  Great map.  If you're going to cut this one, might as cut out stuff like Memento Mori and Hell Revealed from the top classic wads as well.  


Map 30: The torch puzzle at the beginning was awesome the first time I figured it out.  And I'm always a sucker for a "ruins" map which this actually does pretty well even though a little bit more detail could have been added.   


Y'all gotta remember that these guys didn't have doombuilder to make these and making maps like this today is simple and easy, but it wasn't back then.  So you can't really judge these maps based on today's standards.  Go ahead, load up something like WADed or whatever the hell the first program was and see if you can do better.


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haha hmm I think Redemption is one of the best TNT maps, really encapsulated surprise combat, quick to beat and decent texturing. I'd never remove that one but I would change the music. I like Baron's Den for the opposite reason - it's late in the set and extremely peculiar so if it kills you or loses you a few times, well, good. Habitat is iconic to me, and if there's a level in a thirty-two long set that you can beat without seeing combat, again, that's good.



02: jump through the window is weird and broken, the blue secret you have to loop around an extra time for is really depressing

06: i love the gimmick of doomguy slowly waking up this machinery and stuff but it's just walking back and forth followed by a skippable vile

08: yeah

19: one too many METAL levels for my liking, sorry truck

20: too many tight spaces and depressing moments even though it's super strange

24: yeah

26: it's just doubling back over and over, spectres in narrow hallways etc

27: yeeaaah

30: always thought the puzzle was the only good bit of the map =P

31: a broken map. texturing is interestingly insane though


as for music:

keep 04/13/29, 06, 07, 11, 14, 16/26, 31, never inflict the rest upon me again

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  • MAP24: Quarry

  • MAP11: Storage Facility

  • MAP23: Lunar Mining Project

  • MAP09: Stronghold

  • MAP19: Shipping/Respawning

  • MAP15: Dead Zone

  • MAP31: Pharaoh

  • MAP02: Human BBQ

  • MAP03: Power Control

  • MAP20: Central Processing

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Posted (edited)

Map 07: Prison boring map honestly.

Map 08: Metal absolute garbage.

Map 12: Crater good visuals but boring, the main crater area has nothing but wasted space.

Map 19: Shipping/respawning It's pretty weak and bad compared to the previous maps.

Map 21: Administration center Long and boring as fuck.

Map 22: Habitat Do I need to explain?

Map 25: Baron's den Another long and boring map.

Map 27: Mt pain Long, unfair and ugly.

Map 30: This could have been a better fight, the puzzle at the beginning is ok. the IOS itself is pretty easy. Monsters telegfrag themselves.

Map 32: Honestly not a bad map but it could have been better.

Edited by Mortrixs19

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#6- MAP07: Prison

#4- MAP12: Crater

#5- MAP14: Steel Works

#7- MAP15: Dead Zone

#3- MAP18: Mill

#1- MAP21: Administration Center

#2- MAP22: Habitat

#9- MAP24: Quarry

#8- MAP25: Baron's Den

#10- MAP27: Mount Pain


#1 is the one I dislike the most

#10 is the one I dislike the least out of this bunch

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11,19,20,24,28,30. Or from worst to bad: 30,11,24,19,28,20.


11 and 19 it's just me loathing crates. 11 is much worse than everything else except Last Call.

20 - I find O'Brien's maps rather dull and way too long, but 21 has some mega  cool moments and 27, while awful, gets some points for being hard (challenging). This one: a long journey starting from a desolate office. I somehow didn't get immersed enough to like this map.

24 - A short filler with some caves, like earth.wad

28 - A homage level that didn't impress me. But it must have inspired Erik Alm. Look and the start of bldnight.wad MAP07!

30 - Ouch. Especially the part with a corridor and monsters on both sides, behind windows.


I would never remove:

25. Oh, first 7 posts, and 6 out of 7 people would delete this map?! This is my favourite from MAP21-30, with no competition. Quite a few memorable rooms/areas, the one with the CRACKLE texture bridge, the yellow key area with almighty revenants. It must be me and my unconditional love for non-linearity.

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TNT: Evilution is my favorite megaWAD of the main 4, but it ain't perfect by any means. Let's start out with the Drake O'Brien levels.


Level 20: Central Processing

Level 21: Administration Center

Level 27: Mount Pain


:P Brilliant level designs, but these 3 levels are why it took me so long to beat this WAD. Huge learning curve for the casual Doom player. I love and hate them at the same time, and felt a real sense of accomplishment after beating these - especially Mount Pain.


Alright, now for the other 7..


Level 06: Open Season - Too much backtracking for my liking. The most challenging part of this level was wondering where the hell I was going.

Level 08: Metal - Too much waiting around for platforms to lower. Lots of grey too. A pretty boring looking level that's also pretty boring to play until the very end.
Level 11: Storage Facility - Fuck that Archvile jump you gotta do to get that mega sphere. That is all.

Level 16: Deepest Reaches - Took me multiple tries to realize I was missing all those Pinkies. :P I'm such a n00b.

Level 19: Shipping/Respawning - The box maze got on my nerves. Never was a fan of those. I'll deal with them though.

Level 25: Baron's Den - Another pretty boring level. Spent a lot of time backtracking because everything looked the same.

Level 26: Ballistyx - Hella cramped.


There ya go. I'm not much of a critic, but I tried to be just for the sake of discussion.


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