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Best and wort levels.

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Assuming everyone played all doom games more than once, i have to ask, the top 3 best and worts maps of Ultimate DOOM, DOOM II, Final DOOM, Master levels of DOOM II, NRFTL and SIGIL (In ultimate doom, 3 for each episode). And why those are your favorites and least favorites, what make for you a good level design in DOOM?

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UD E1:


          1: E1M3

          2: E1M5

          3: E1M6

     least favorites:

          1: E1M9

          2: E1M4

          3: E1M8

UD E2:


          1: E2M7

          2: E2M2

          3: E2M5

     least favorites:

          1: E2M9

          2: E2M3

          3: E2M4

UD E3:


          1: E3M3

          2: E3M9

          3: E3M2

     least favorites:

          1: E3M5

          2: E3M8

          3: E3M4

UD E4:


          1: E4M6

          2: E4M9

          3: E4M2

     least favorites:

          1: E4M1

          2: E4M5

          3: E4M4



          1: MAP10

          2: MAP27

          3: MAP28

     least favorites:

          1: MAP12

          2: MAP13

          3: MAP15

Final Doom and Sigil I only played once



          1: LEVEL05

          2: LEVEL01

          3: LEVEL07

     least favorites:

          1: LEVEL08

          2: LEVEL03

          3: LEVEL04


for non-slaughter I like maps that are interconnected with cool layouts and lots of exploration with lots of secrets and optional paths


for slaughter I like interesting fights and open air architecture and all-around epicness.


Long post but oh well it's what you asked for

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Ultimate DooM:




E1M4 - For being episode 1, this map is actually quite fun to play through. It's also got a cool, rocking theme. <3

E3M9 - Technically near identical to E3M1 (with some changes/expansion) this is a fun little secret map.

E4M5 - Not many levels in Episode 4 are this good. I love the marble castle theme they went for here



E4M1 - Tank about a sadistic opening map. FAR too many shotgunners and unles you know about the rocket launcher secret, you've got a BARON to kill WITHOUT a chaingun! And health here is tight!


E4M2 - Perfect HATRED. Need I say more about this dumpster fire?

E1M6 - This map to this day stumps me a lot and I get confused on where to go. I am getting the hang of its layout but quite often I get lost navigating this map.




DooM II - Hell On Earth:



MAP 09 - The pit not only has a unique song but god DAMN is this map tense but fun! Plus I think every gun can be found here.

MAP 23 - I'm not joking when I say I really don't mind Barrel's O' Fun. Sure this isn't a great level but I do love it's quirky ideas and design.

MAP 03 - Weirdly I'm starting to grow to love this map. Maybe it's just the fact that it's one of the rare moments I can destroy Chaingunners with little fear or maybe it's because the song only got used 1 other time? Who knows. :l



 MAP 10 - My god is this level stupidly hard. Running out of ammo and health here is quite easy to do in the beginning. I've died on this map quite a few times, and it's only the TENTH MAP.


MAP 28 - Anyone who has ever beaten this map knows about the dickish fake wall trick of this map. It's really not fun. Not to mention I find this map overall kinda boring.


MAP 12 - The Factory isn't that terrible fo a map, it's okay at best. My only major complaint is some traps here are really dumb in design.


TNT Evilution:




MAP 18 - HOO BOY! This map is what I call gorgeous! Aesthetically this map is a bit of an eyesore but wowzer is this map great. I love the "ring" around the central starting room with different access points.


MAP 02 - *insert Human BBQ theme here*

MAP 22 MAP 11 - For being a map filled with crates, Storage Facility is surprisingly fun.



MAP 27 - There's a reason this map's full nickname is Mount Pain In The Arse. What is that reason? HeY lOk! We MaD gO2iT iN tNt!1!!!11


MAP 08 - This map isn't heavy. It's just metal.


Plutonia Experiment:




MAP 16 - The Omen (The OOOOH MAAAN!!!). Coming off the heals of G2I this map eases you into a world of pain and laughter with the dumbest and best level designs ever. I absolutely LOVE Omen. Also, dem lifts bro.


MAP32 - The grandfather of all slaughter maps, Go2It is long, difficult and great in its design... All though people REALLY over estimate how hard this map is.


MAP 22 - Whilst lacking any references to the show, this map is surprisingly fun, which is weird since it comes in the last thrid of plutonia which is when the WAD went down hill in terms of fun.



MAP 27 - Oh god did this map give my problems... Trying to kill off the ever respawning chaingunners is just not fun.

MAP 14 - Twilight really isn't a fun map. As mentioned above, this map uses the respawning chaingunner mechanic which is just a pain in my arse.

MAP 11 - (Mostly here to fill slots) No health until the end and Archviles in a maze with the dead bunny theme. The sadism is real here.

NRFTL & Master Levels I haven't played enough of to say.





E5M8 - A solid ending level. Fun, challenging but not brutally hard.

E5M1 - introduces the eye mechanic well and is not a complete pain to understand. A fine beginning level.

E5M6 - The ending of this map. Dunno why but it is super awesome. :3



E5M2 E5M3 E5M4 E5M5 E5M7 E5M9 - John Romero decided that fun levels are dumb and old and introduced a series of poorly balanced maps. Not even going to separate these disasters. (E5M5 may get a pass though).


Overall a good map to me is one that feels fun to blast through, is visually appealing, doesn't confuse me for like 20 minutes and also doesn't shove chaingunners, archviles or revenants so far up my bottom that I'm vomiting bones before i can say OOF.

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Good question, I haven't played SIGIL in its entirety so I'll refrain from giving my opinion on that.


Knee-Deep in the Dead


Top 3

  1. E1M8: Phobos Anomaly. Good boss fight and interesting plot twist at the end.
  2. E1M9: Military Base. Interconnected, open layout allows many challenging gameplay scenarios.

  3. E1M4: Command Control. What starts as a very spacey level quickly becomes claustrophobic, in a good way, towards the end.

Bottom 3

  1. E1M1: Hangar. Excessive amount of supplies makes this level too easy, even as the first one.

  2. E1M2: Nuclear Plant. The maze is just obnoxious and is there just to waste time.

  3. E1M3: Toxin Refinery. Too much backtracking in an otherwise decent level.

The Shores of Hell


Top 3

  1. E2M9: Fortress of Mystery. Quirky concept level, shows you the ropes of infighting.
  2. E2M4: Deimos Lab. Big level, with lots of optional areas that never feel filler or monotonous.

  3. E2M6: Halls of the Damned. The dark maze hiding the red key and the fake exit trap are the highlights of this level.

Bottom 3

  1. E2M8: Tower of Babel. The vast amount of space turns a fearsome foe like the Cyberdemon into a non-threat.
  2. E2M2: Containment Area. Feels like a bunch of areas were just mashed together, without any thought on cohesion.

  3. E2M1: Deimos Anomaly. Overuse of teleporters, usage of cacodemons in areas where they're unable to pose a threat.



Top 3

  1. E3M8: DisThe vast arena actually works well here, allowing the Spiderdemon to reduce you to smithereens while you're trying to grab ammo.
  2. E3M2: Slough of Despair. Interesting layout provides some fun gameplay scenarios.

  3. E3M5: Unholy Cathedral. Very easy to get lost in this level, but that's the whole fun of it.

Bottom 3

  1. E3M3: Pandemonium. Lack of height variation, feels like a Wolfenstein level.
  2. E3M7: Limbo. The puzzle is decent, but the low enemy count and the overabundance of radiation suits makes this a really easy level.

  3. E3M1: Hell Keep. I actually like short and linear levels, but this one is too short, too linear and too boring.

Thy Flesh Consumed


Top 3

  1. E4M1: Hell Beneath. Ruthless level, a perfect introduction to the hardest episode of Ultimate Doom.
  2. E4M4: Unruly Evil. Short, hectic, very fun to blaze through.

  3. E4M2: Perfect Hatred. Hot start, lack of safe spaces, includes a satisfying Cyberdemon telefrag for the BFG and secret exit.

Bottom 3

  1. E4M3: Sever the Wicked. Feels too spacey with little opposition to mow down.
  2. E4M6: Against Thee Wickedly. This level is rather unbalanced, too easy if you find all secrets, a bit hard otherwise.

  3. E4M8: Unto the Cruel. Anticlimatic boss fight, expected a much fiercer finale.

Doom II


Top 3

  1. MAP08: Tricks and Traps. Quirky level, every setpiece is fun, but the Cyberdemon vs. Barons room takes the cake.
  2. MAP19: The Citadel. Lots of secrets and optional rooms, but populated enough to never bore you.

  3. MAP28: The Spirit World. A real hell level, with some nasty traps including a dual Spiderdemon section.

Bottom 3

  1. MAP30: Icon of Sin. Level built around the boss mechanic, feels very lacking.
  2. MAP25: Bloodfalls. The bloodfalls are interesting, but that's about it.

  3. MAP02: Underhalls. Buggy, boring level, its only saving grace is the introduction of the Super shotgun.

TNT: Evilution


Top 3

  1. MAP07: Prison. Very open layout, with some fun setpieces like the prison area and the pillar jumping required to reach the exit.
  2. MAP12: Crater. This level is kinda ugly, and enemy placement is somewhat spotty, but it makes up for it with excellent gameplay.

  3. MAP22: Habitat. Filled to the brim with nasty traps, this is one of the toughest and most experimental levels in the set, very fun.

Bottom 3

  1. MAP24: Quarry. Too short and too easy, feels like filler this late in the set.
  2. MAP11: Storage Facility. The only interesting spot is the Arch-vile jump required for the first Megasphere.

  3. MAP23: Lunar Mining Project. There are some quirky spots like the nukage fall teleporter, but fails to provide challenging combat for the player.

The Plutonia Experiment


Top 3

  1. MAP11: Hunted. Fear inducing level, you really feel the adrenaline pumping while trying to escape the maze filled with Arch-viles.
  2. MAP23: Tombstone. Based around switch hunting, but still one of the most challenging in the set, excellent level.
  3. MAP02: Well of Souls. The invisible bridge is iconic and has likely claimed many souls, the whole level feels like a nice, short adventure.

Bottom 3

  1. MAP24: The Final Frontier. Lots of ammo, along with a easily cheesable Cyberdemon fight makes this level not Plutonia worthy.
  2. MAP17: Compound. This is probably the least interesting Plutonia level, feels really out of place here.
  3. MAP18: Neurosphere. BTEC version of the Doom II level it tried to imitate with boring gameplay besides the hot start.

Master Levels for Doom II


Top 3

  1. Bad Dream. Ugly level, but fantastic gameplay.
  2. Vesperas. Very tough level, with an excellent Cyberdemon fight and scarce supplies.

  3. Virgil's Lead. Evokes the feeling of déjà vu well, has some interesting moments.

Bottom 3

  1. The Combine. Questionable design decisions, like the inescapable pits and the crusher by the Plasma gun.
  2. The Catwalk. The perpetually moving lifts are just annoying, and once you cross the catwalk you are unable to visit earlier parts of the level.

  3. Subspace. The vast amount of supplies makes this level a joke, also contains a few inescapable pits.

No Rest for the Living


Top 3

  1. MAP05: Vivisection. A claustrophobic level packed with enemies, very enjoyable.
  2. MAP09: March of the Demons. An excellent level with some switch hunting, flip all switches to face the Spiderdemon and reveal the exit, can get really hectic.

  3. MAP02: The Pain Labs. For a second level, this one packs a punch, short but challenging with some interesting secrets.

Bottom 3

  1. MAP08: Tomb of Malevolence. The Cyberdemon maze is a neat idea, but the rest of the level feels lacking.
  2. MAP01: The Earth Base. This one just drags on for too long, overstays its welcome, I will concede that the easter egg is fun to rush to.

  3. MAP03: Canyon of the Dead. Starts off decent, with a tiny techbase area, that unfortunately expands into a vast but dull canyon area.


As for what makes a good Doom level, it depends on the person. I tend to prefer short, linear, with unclear or puzzley progression, with claustrophobic challenging setpieces, however there's many levels that I like that have none of these features.

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I will only nominate two maps for each of the UDoom episodes.


Episode 1
Best: E1M3. Nice and quick flow of action, neat interleaved secrets and overall good looking visuals.

Worst: E1M9. Boxy and kinda bland. It feels like a very old/early design and is imho the worst map ever made by Romero.


Episode 2

Best: E2M6. Using dark and narrow hallways, interesting texturing, creepy music and a hint of nonlinearity, E2M6 is the only map that actually succeeds for me in creating the feeling that E2 was going for.

Worst: E2M4. I do understand why so many people like this one, but neither the atmosphere nor the combat work for me. To be fair, this is a problem that i experience with most of E2, so i'm positive that this is just due to my personal taste.


Episode 3

Best: E3M5. I always liked the teleporter puzzle and the multiple ways to navigate through the castle. Also the lighting in the main courtyard looks pretty cool.

Worst: E3M1. Not much to talk about here. At least it's not the worst opening map.


Episode 4

Best: E4M1. I have a strange fascination with the tight design and the precise execution it requires. E4M2 and E4M6 may be better maps from an "objective" point of view, but i replay the opener much more often.

Worst: E4M4. Again, not much to say here.


Doom 2

Best: MAP14, MAP16, MAP29 (I went into detail in another thread)

Worst: MAP06, MAP21, MAP25 (All three feel stitched together and a little bland, although it's kind of a stretch because i like every map in Doom 2)



Best: Can't remember most of the maps, so i just throw in MAP09 for satisfying hitscanner grinding and MAP15 for its open design. Sadly i don't have any recollection about the Casali maps, i'm pretty sure i would like them.

Worst: I can remember that MAP27 looked decent, but played absolutely terrible.



Best: MAP32. The grandfather of the slaughter genre that still holds up today.

MAP27. It's oppressive and fun.

MAP15. Because Chaingun Daddys.

MAP04. Because i just can't restrict myself to only three maps when it comes to Plutonia.

"Worst": MAP08, MAP31 (those aren't even bad levels, just less good than the rest)


Haven't played the others.

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Knee deep in the dead:





The Least Favorites


Yeah, I don't really hate Knee deep in the dead so...

Shores of hell:





Least Favorites:









Least Favorites:




Doom 2


Map 09

Map 15

Map 20

Least Favorites:

Map 17

Map 24

Map 25



Map 12

Map 15

Map 32

Least favorites:

Map 08

Map 19

Map 23



Map 04

Map 13

Map 15

Least Favorites:

Map 08

Map 22

Map 30


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Ultimate Doom:

Episode 1:

  • E1M5 - Music is fantastic, atmosphere is fantastic.
  • E1M2 - The first room, red key area, and outdoor area are unforgettable. The maze left an impact on me as a kid; I both liked and feared it.
  • E1M7 - The first 'review' level before a boss level. Took some of the best parts of Knee-Deep in the Dead and expanded on them

Episode 2:

  • E2M4 - Mysterious music and environment. Love the COMPBLUE textured halls, the crusher room is more iconic the Doom II's name sake map.
  • E2M2 - Love the crate maze, the music feels pretty sinister and tense. Punching out Imps within the maze is pretty fun and satisfying.
  • E2M5 - The mix of hellish and UAC rooms is absolutely perfect IMO. Music fits the big feel of the map. So many routes and rooms to explore.

Episode 3:

  • E3M5 - The doors and rooms kind of remind me of E2M5. Of course yet again reuses the same music and again it works. Kind wish the outdoor teleporters led to more or different rooms, but still a level that sticks out to me.
  • E3M6 - My favourite 'outdoor' level. I feel iike it's not a coincidence that both E1M6 and this which happen to have a reasonable amount of outdoor rooms use the same music track. the FIREBLU texture seems to go hand in hand with this level. Outdoor structures are interesting and relatively open to exploration.
  • E3M9 - I kind of appreciate the added spin to E3M1. The new areas make the map a lot more interesting.

Episode 4:

  • E4M4 - A nice breather level. I appreciate the 'suspense' track playing again. Wish it had more rooms, but I like what it has/
  • E4M7 - I like the wooden theme of the level. I always remember the level being larger than it is for some reason.
  • E4M9 - I kinda like the openess and design of the level compared to others. It has its strong points and flaws IMO though/

Doom II

  • MAP28 - Best hell'ish' level by far. Music really is 'tense'. Only draw back is the need to shoot the textures near the end, but the rest of it is just so memorable and detailed.
  • MAP15 - It's always been a fun idea to me; a city-like level with the hitscanners populating the 'streets'. The normal exit structure is also really memorable.
  • MAP17 - Tough choice, but i'll put this here. I like a lot of the ideas thrown into it; each room is so detailed and looks so dinstinctly different (yet somehow all meshes so well) that i'd almost feel that each could be expanded into their own map.




Ultimate Doom

Episode 1:

  • E1M6 - I don't know why but I never really cared a huge amount for it. It's a decent level and some interesting design choices. It's just the one i have the least interest in.
  • E1M8 - As a kid I mainly disliked it because you had to die at the end, and the music seems really depressing (it's good though).
  • E1M9 - To me this one sticks out like a sore thumb as being the most uninteresting secret level of the original 3 episodes. It felt like E2M9 and E3M9 had interesting gimmicks or level designs that made them feel 'special' or unique in some way (E2M9 provides all weapons, is a small arena and promotes infighting, while E3M9 is a surprise revisit and expansion of E3M1)

Episode 2:

  • E2M1 - Honestly I just want to finish it to get to the rest of the episode. It's the weakest of Episode 2 IMO.
  • E2M3 - I like bits a pieces of the map, but I also get a bit bored of it. I dont care for the amount of Lost Souls in it especially.

Episode 3:

  • E3M4 - I like the idea of the blood room with corpses in it. The initial pinky area with flesh is interesting also. But it feels like a really slow level otherwise. As a kid I always felt a bit unnerved by the track too as i associated it with E1M8.

Episode 4:

  • E4M1 - I've learned to pass it pretty consistently with decent health, but the red skull trap with shotgunners is still a bit of a pain. No medkits and shotgun guys galore is a bad combination.
  • E4M2 - I like it in theory, but I think the thing that I like least is the yellow key room with 4 barons and only having one radiation suit for most of the level. The only place you can really (reliably) stand your ground (unless you shoot through the doorway and autoaim messes things up) is to grab the suit and shoot from the lava pool. The other thing that annoys me is that all the caco corpses you end up leaving at the beginning end up littering the the start area, and ive been carelessly hit by imp fireballs when fighting off the horde of Cacodemons in the sheer chaos, especially on pistol start - that's only a minor thing though.
  • E4M6 - I dont really care for the sheer amount of lava. I think that the opening 'moat' is a bit cheap. especially with the unpredictable spectres which will sometimes remain inside and be out of range, requiring you to quickly make quick work of them and depleting your health. Cyberdemon is nothing when you grab the Invulnerabiity I find.


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