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Horse's Cradle: Large single-map WAD

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Horse's Cradle is a large single-map WAD with much thematic variety. It has difficulty settings, but it's made with UV in mind. This map is not merciful. It uses some graphics resources from Deus Doom. You should probably play with freelook on, on account of all the verticality.


Format: Boom.

IWAD: Doom 2.

Music: Yes.

Graphics: Yes.

Difficult: Yes.


Compatibility: Tested in Zandronum v2.1.2 and PrBoom+

Off-the-cuff playtime estimate: 60 to 90 minutes.


Download the WAD here: hscradle.19.09.10.zip or via idgames


Download an older version:

• hscradle.19.08.28.zip

• hscradle.19.08.27b.zip

• hscradle.19.08.27.zip

• bileconf.19.08.26.zip

• bileconf.19.08.25.zip

























• First release!




• Some texturing fixes and additional detailing

• Tweak health and ammo balance

• Very slightly fewer monsters on all difficulties

• Improve layout and movement flow in caco cliffs region




• Renamed the WAD from Bile Confluence (tired) to Horse's Cradle (wired)

• Added another secret to the map

• Some small detailing improvements and other tweaks

• Added a mapper signature




• Fix a couple of possible softlocks

• Remove inexplicable misplaced red key

• Tweak the final encounter area




• Add CWILV00 and DEHACKED lumps

• Added more detailing in a few places

• Even more tweaks to monster and item placement

• Small new area and more monsters in the southeast corner




• Add one more secret

• Fix a teleport closet timing issue



Edited by meapineapple : Add idgames link

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The automap looked pretty in the other thread... However you've dropped it 30 minutes before I've got to leave for work :(. Posting to remind myself to play this later.

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Heads up to all, I just released a newer version! Check out the topic post for a download link. This newer version has lots of tweaks, and most notably an improvement to the layout and movement flow of what was probably one of the clunkier monster encounters in the map, throwing a lot of monsters at the player at once while limiting movement options a bit too much.


I'm considering renaming the WAD to "Horse's Cradle" after somebody very rightly pointed out to me how part of the automap resembles a seahorse. Seems like a much less forgettable name than "Bile Confluence". Thoughts?


Edited by meapineapple

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How significant we talking? I've just recorded about 2/3 of the map. Hopefully the rest tomorrow.

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@HAK3180 The bigger change is limited to a pretty small part of the map, just one arena. (Other than that, it's just some rather minor tweaks.)


I made the change because I'm concerned the fight in that arena could be frustrating without the change. Otherwise there's not really any room to move around, you just get overwhelmed so easily and getting through it the encounter be more luck-based than I'd like. Either way I would for sure like to see your FDA progress so far - but whether you start over on the newer map is really up to you and whether or not you'd like to play through those first two-thirds over again, just for a better experience in one of the later encounters. The more gameplay I can see the happier I am, so I'm certainly not against a replay if that's what you choose.


Illustrative before and after screenshots below. Note how the sheer gray rock face into inaccessible scenery changed into stairs made of brown rock making the whole upper area newly accessible. Before the change, there's only one narrow way in and out of that lower-elevation grassy area, it's very easy to become cornered and trapped. After the change, there's a lot more movement options.



Before -




After -





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Hmm, I'm not sure I know where that is, but it might be literally right after I saved. I am basically at the beginning of the level, but outside, right by the red key, probably close to lowering it.

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10 minutes ago, HAK3180 said:

Hmm, I'm not sure I know where that is, but it might be literally right after I saved. I am basically at the beginning of the level, but outside, right by the red key, probably close to lowering it.


Yep, you're coming right up on the pictured changes. It's directly adjacent to the red key area.

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Another update. This time the biggest change is to the name. Formerly called Bile Confluence, the WAD is now called Horse's Cradle. Download the new version in the topic post!



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The secret in the hall after the 'ruins' area (where a bunch of Revenants/Archviles and two Cybers come out) around mid level can softlock - if the lift hiding it goes back up while you're in the secret, it doesn't open from the inside.


Also a softlock by the red key - you can get stuck between stones at the lower level on the left side (same side as the nearest red door is on).


There is what appears to be an extraneous red key halfway stuck in a wall (but easily grabbable) also on the left side of that area (left of the key on the raised platform). 


The Cyber in the last arena part often gets stuck & stops moving on the step(s) that get you off the lowest ground.


Was a fun and hard level otherwise, loved the 'cave if the winds' feel, good work :)

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Thank you for playing @FrancisT18 and for your feedback! I'm not sure how those softlocks and inexplicable red key got past me. I just posted a new version of the wad with those issues definitely fixed and the cyberdemon issue hopefully fixed too.

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5 hours ago, kknot5889 said:

The current download link isn't working for me, but the older versions do. Any help? Looks awesome.


My bad, link should be fixed now.

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