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prcp demo1 desyncs

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not sure if this has been discussed/settled before, but i ran prboom -iwad plutonia.wad -file prcp.wad, and when demo1 plays, player died a few seconds after picking up the plasma gun, seemingly getting stuck by a spider and failing to kill it. after which its typical desync playback instead of switching to demo2.

does anyone know how this happens? i tried complevel 4 and 2 with no difference.

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This is soon after a revenant fires, so I'd guess it is the standard internal demos desync problem. You could verify that by extracting the internal demo and playing it back as a regular demo.

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Hmm, maybe it was just released with some desynching demos. Look at this post, made just the day before the wad was released. Perhaps it was a low priority, since who watches internal demos to the end anyway?


dew might be able to shed more light on this.

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