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gangsta alien

Do i need a doom disc

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You only need the physical disc to install the game to your computer, if you still have a copy of the physical media. If you purchased the game through Steam, GoG.com, or other online places where the game is sold, you should already have a downloaded copy of the game somewhere on your computer, assuming you have downloaded the copy from a legal source.


Generally speaking, all you need to play source ports (or any of the custom maps or mods made for it) is any legal copy of doom.wad, doom2.wad, tnt.wad, plutonia.wad, hexen.wad, heretic.wad, and/or hexdd.wad. Most of the modern source ports will find it for you if it exists on your hard drive somewhere, or you can do a quick search of your computer files.

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Technically you don't even need the original games, since Freedoom is designed to be a free, drop-in replacement. (But it will mean different graphics, sounds, etc.)


Phase 1 covers Doom/Ultimate Doom, Phase 2 covers Doom II/Final Doom.


That said, yeah, if you got the original install media and/or a legit copy downloaded, all you need are the WAD files.

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On 8/27/2019 at 1:35 AM, rabscule said:

Thx for all the info


If you're playing Doom 3 (Including Resurrection of Evil or the BFG Edition) , Doom (2016), or the upcoming Doom Eternal, you only need a disc if you're playing the console version of the game, and you purchased a physical disc / cartridge (Switch), you will need the disc or cartridge in order to play the game.


If you have a legal copy of the game from having purchased and downloaded it online somewhere, a game disc is not necessary to play modern Doom.


*If you bought a physical copy of modern Doom for the PC, generally speaking a third party service like Steam will handle download, installation, and updates of the game. The disc itself does save you several hours of download time if you have slow Internet, but once the game has been installed on your computer, you don't need the disc to play Doom.

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