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(GZDoom) Teleporter does not work with new TID

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I am making an arena COOP map in which all players are teleported into another section of the map after they kill all enemies. The problem is, that I have to change the players TID in order to do so, but the teleport with the new TID doesn´t work - nothing happens.The changing script is from the wiki.  The rest of my script works fine. 


Script 1 ENTER 
	Thing_ChangeTID(0, 1000 + PlayerNumber());

script 5 (void) 
if (++round1 == 2) 
	   HudMessage(s:"Round 1 has been completed";HUDMSG_TYPEON | HUDMSG_LOG, 0, CR_red, 1.5, 0.4,2.0,0.1, 0.08);


Edited by Kloki38

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Not 100% sure, but that "{" after "round 1" doesn't look right. Looks like it is being removed from the script by the  "//". Try moving it down to the next line.

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Thanks. But the teleporter still doesn´t work.  The message pops up fine and thats it.

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3 hours ago, Kloki38 said:


1000 should be the TID of the teleport destination spot. Looks like you have it as the player tid.

I found this on the zdoom wiki if you simply want to teleport the player to a given sector... never tried it before though.



SampleTeleportFunction (int tag [, int tid = 0 [, bool silent = false]])

Here is a function that takes one required parameter (tag) and can optionally take two more (tid and silent). If you simply want to teleport the player to a given sector, you might just use this simple line in your ACS code:

SampleTeleportFunction (32);


here's the wiki page: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Function_Prototypes

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