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Two Questions About Custom Weapons (Slade 3)


I'm fairly new to doom modding, and I'm trying to figure out how to create a custom weapon. I've encountered two problems I don't know how to fix.


Here is the code I have so far:



        SMGF A 3 BRIGHT A_firebullets(11,9,1,2) 
        SMGF A 0 a_playsound("SMGFIRE",2)
        SMGF B 3 BRIGHT A_firebullets(11,9,1,2)  
        SMGF B 0 a_playsound("SMGFIRE",2)
        SMGG A 0 A_refire
    goto ready


My graphics are:


SMGFA0- Fire A

SMGFB0- Fire B

SMGGA0- Idle


1. The weapon I'm making is a submachine gun, so it has a high rate of fire. When I use a_playsound during the fire state, the sound will stop and start at the beginning every time a bullet is fired. I want the sound to overlap, similar to the plasma gun.


2. I'd also like to know how to use a random sprite in my fire animation. The code I have alternates between a fire A and fire B sprites, but it both doesn't look smooth and fires two bullets every time the mouse is clicked once.



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Usually you would use AttackSound "sound" with the sound defined in SNDINFO.


But have look through the tutorials in Gunlabs and also

how the weapons from Realm667 were constructed.


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