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[Freedoom2] Map01 "ORE.wad"

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Were you thinking it could take the place of one of the currently vacant "dummy" maps?:

$ grep MAP.*dummy wadinfo_*.txt
wadinfo_freedm.txt:MAP33   = dummy
wadinfo_phase2.txt:MAP26 = dummy
wadinfo_phase2.txt:MAP33 = dummy

I have no idea if it's suitable, nor do I have any authority, I'm just letting you know what seems to me would be a likely place for new maps.

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Thanks, it's a nice level!


MAP01 is taken and I'd rather we didn't keep changing the first level. I do appreciate that there's some glamour about having made the first level though.


MAP26 is still untaken after all these years so that's an option. However, it's quite a short level and the theme also doesn't really fit the late game. Perhaps we can swap one of the earlier levels into the MAP26 slot and put this in its place?

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