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Doom: Hell on Earth 1.3

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Into the Dark – Part 3


I was frantically wiring up an explosive device that I had been equipped with. All the elite troops that were in this assault carried limited demolition equipment including myself. Standing next to the generator, I had only this one bomb to deal with it. I hoped that that blowing up the generator wouldn’t prove to be in vain.

Having placed the device, I set it to ten seconds and ran away from the generator.
I leapt down behind a shielding metal wall and exactly ten seconds after I had set the timer, the whole area shook in its very foundations from the powerful explosion. A series of smaller explosions followed. I could hear metallic parts slam into and clatter off metal surfaces. I waited until the sounds of destruction died out, then took a peek around the corner. An alarm was wailing. The generator was now just a pile of scrap. Thick black smoke rose from the charred, metallic remains. Light went out everywhere, except for the flashing red light of the alarms.

“Alert! Primary power supply critical, security systems deactivated” a computerized voice droned, echoing throughout the rooms and hallways of the base.

I did it! I thought gleefully.

“Switching over to backup power supply, unable to reactivate outer perimeter security systems, inner security systems reactivated” the voice resumed emotionlessly.

Damn! I thought, slightly disappointed. The inner trap systems are still active - I still gotta watch out for traps!
I got up and went across the damaged room. I saw large holes in some of the walls and signs that heavy metallic parts had rammed into the surfaces with great force.

The floor suddenly erupted behind me and I heard the ominous sound of an assault chaingun tearing through the silence. I leapt behind cover behind a heap of ruined metal, once part of the generator. The burst had only just missed me.

Uh-oh! I thought as I heard the raspy breathing of former humans. I desperately looked around.

There was a door some ten feet away, but there was an open area separating me from it. I knew I had to take the chance.
I rushed out of hiding, firing my single barreled shotgun in the direction where the attack had come from and made a mad dash at the door. A large amount of lead was sent in my direction, ricocheting off the walls. A bullet pounded into my armor and I gritted my teeth in pain. Luckily, the bullet didn’t penetrate my armor but the impact had still dished out some pain. I made it to the door and I quickly shifted weapons and pulled out the double-barreled combat shotgun from my back.

A large human figure leapt into view, roaring at me with a distorted voice. I noticed the bloodstained armor, the white eyes and the chain gun in its muscular brown arms. This guy was bigger and beefier than the typical former humans I had been used to fighting – a former human commando!
This particular commando was a big black guy and just as I pulled the trigger of my combat shotgun, I thought for a moment that it was the reanimated remains of my old pal Goliath from my SSDU days before I got my butt kicked to Mars.

I watched with a lump in my throat as the ruined corpse of the commando was thrown into the wall behind it. It rammed into the wall with a sickening thud and blood painted the wall red. The blast of the combat shotgun had been point blank and the result was grisly. The commando’s face was ripped to shreds, one of its white eyes was surprisingly enough still intact, but most of everything around it was ruined. The soldier’s armor was torn apart and the body beneath it equally torn up. I stood for a second staring at the corpse.
Oh shit! What if this was good ol’ Goliath?
I reminded myself that if it really had been the corpse of my friend, then this zombie thing hadn’t been him anymore.

Still watching the corpse, I scooped up the chain gun. I decided to leave the single barreled shotgun behind for now as I doubted that it would do much good against the demons.

Another roar made me spin halfway around and open fire in the direction the roar had come from with the chain gun, sawing the former human commando in the doorway in half before it could open fire at me. There were more of these bastards coming and not all of them were former humans as various howls and snarls filled the air.


I was running low on ammunition again.

The former human commandos had turned out to be only the front wave of a large horde of monsters that had been attracted by the noise that the destruction of the generator had made. Bulls, imps, cacodemons, Hell Knights and even their more powerful cousins, the Barons of Hell, where swarming to the place.

So damn many of these freaks... I thought, running down a hallway leading away from the generator room. A bull demon came rushing at me from behind. I spun around and fired the combat shotgun in its face, throwing the demon’s ruined remains to the floor, before resuming my retreat with only one thought pattern in my mind:
gotta find some more ammo, gotta find some more means o’ destruction!

At least I had made it easier for the assault force outside to penetrate the outer defenses and enter the base, since the outer defenses only consisted of the monsters themselves now. Hopefully the cavalry would arrive soon and offer me some help. Because I needed it now.

I hoped enough soldiers had survived to deal the demons in the darkened hallways of the star port a crippling blow. I noticed how light had gone out in most of the areas that I entered now. This was most certainly due to my destruction of the generator.

A bull demon suddenly lurched at me from the side with a roar. I thrust the barrels of the combat shotgun deep into its mouth, stopping it dead in its track. It let out an odd gulping sound as the cool metal went into its wide-open mouth. I pulled the trigger and the back of the demon disappeared in a shower of blood and organs. I quickly pulled out the shotgun as its lifeless form slumped to the ground with a heavy thud. The shotgun’s ammo drum fell to the floor with a hollow crash. No more shells and my pistol was low on ammo. I had only the six-barreled assault chain gun to aid me effectively now.
“Shit, where’s the damn ammo!?” I mumbled to myself, running madly through the rooms and hallways, avoiding the monsters in the areas and desperately looking around for some kind of ammo or a loaded weapon.

I wound up in a large room that was several floors tall. I saw working machinery, processing fuel for spacecraft. This had to be the star port’s fuel processing plant.
I found that the platform I was on ended abruptly with a railing. I spun around to see a number of bull demons, followed closely by imps rush in my direction. The barrels of my chain gun started whirring around and opened fire, cutting down the advancing monsters with controlled burst fire.

I saw cacodemons approach me from above and raised the chain gun to pelt them with swarms of bullets. I killed two cacos – their punctured bodies fell several feet before splattering onto the ground deep below me with disgusting thuds. I lowered the gun again and cut the advancing ground demons apart with the weapon. They were getting too close for comfort, but my chaingun effectively reduced their ranks.

The chain gun suddenly stopped firing and with the sound of the barrels still spinning with a whirring sound I noticed the flashy red ‘0’ at the corner of my visor. I let out a snarl and dropped the chain gun. It fell to the grated floor with a hollow, metallic clank.

Desperately looking for a way out, I saw another platform beneath me. I leapt over the railing and nimbly landed on the other platform. I drew my pistol as I heard a hissing sound. An imp approached from the shadows. I fired at it with my pistol and I saw how the brown, spiky creature jolted in pain as the bullets ripped into its leathery body, before it sunk dead to the ground.

I changed the clip and fired at the floating cacodemon that was slowly advancing on me, dodging the balls of lightning that zapped into the platform, melting the metal.

I realized that as this platform was becoming unhealthy too I had to leave it too, therefore I leapt over to an adjacent, but lower platform before leaping further down onto the ground floor. I landed cautiously on the floor. My shadow fell on a gray metal wall in front of me. An earsplitting roar sounded behind me and a huge shadow showed up on the wall, engulfing my own. I spun around to see a Hell Knight menacingly approach me. The Hell Knight was about the same size as the fearsome Baron, but it looked clumsier and not so majestic as its more powerful cousin and it had a grayish skin color. It flung a green bolt of goo at me, but I dodged it and the goo splattered onto the metallic floor. Although the goo wasn’t enchanted with the horrible green fire that the Barons’ goo was I reckoned that it would still be dangerous for me to get hit, so I rolled in between the Hell Knight’s legs and rushed down the hallway. I could hear the Knight roar in frustration behind me.


Dead end, aw crap! I thought as I stopped in front of a looming wall. I spun around and saw a number of demons approach me.

I didn’t want to give up, but I knew that my chances of surviving with only my knuckle-duster were as good as non-existent.


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Perhaps the cavalry comes and rescues Doomguy from being torn apart by the demons that were following him to the dead end? Do continue!

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chaingun rocks man. I can just see the hordes falling gefore our hero, the survivors crawling over their piled corpses. great cliffhanger. please continue.

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Doomguy throws his knuckleduster at the demon horde, it hits and instantly kills a Baron of Hell which crushes several other demons with its corpse, and then all the surviving demons flee in terror as he chases them with the knuckleduster screaming "GODDAMN MEDDLING KIDS!!!!!!!"

Or maybe not.

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