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ZDoom & PrBoom+ Crushing Floor Compatibility


In PrBoom+, Boom-format generalized raising floors set to crush, upon "catching" a monster, will stop moving and continouously crush the monster until it is dead; but in G/ZDoom, these same crushers will not stop, and only damage the monster for the duration of which the monster is "pinched" between floor and ceiling. Does anyone know a way to force the PrBoom+ behavior instead of the ZDoom behavior?

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The crushing floor actions in Boom format are a bit of a mess, afaik. Since I generally avoid using floor crushers because of how movement intrusive and unreliable they can be, I have not yet experimented with this, at all.


Unless you really, really need the floor to raise for something else to work in the map, I'd highly suggest using generalized ceiling actions with crushing set to "yes"(not generalized crushers), and hooking the entire business up to a conveyor to control the entire thing. (If you do choose to use a conveyor for this, also make sure to use 32 length action 252/253 linedefs so the setup works the same way in (G)ZDoom and PrBoom+). If you want the crusher to be lethal, use a slow raise or lower for the sector in question, as faster moving sectors deal less damage than the slow ones.

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