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(Wip )Doom Unknown Dimension for DOOM 2 (Working Title)

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I'm with Tango here, screenshots look fantastic. Also I don't think you need to worry too much about an actual story, not to say that having a story is not important but if the maps are played well and fun enough and the architecture is there(seems to be) then a story won't really matter that much.


Anyways, keep up the good work.

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*Random Update 

While making the second map I just gave up once I made a fuck up of both placements and design. That and the fact that I had SLADE and GZBuilder opened at the same time. So I just went fuck it and remade the whole thing while trying to avoid the mistake I had made with the previous one 


Here's some screenshots of it.Screenshot_Doom_20191016_163101.png.560c3f1a7cf267de5208a59f7accf4db.pngScreenshot_Doom_20191016_163120.png.8d05933f872320ae14801126863e0379.pngScreenshot_Doom_20191016_162839.png.088cbdbc6b776fccbb24b6047c63a694.png


 Haven't gotten started on enemy placement. I still gotta learn more on making proper placements and texture usages.

Right now I'm trying to work on a more non-linear pathway for this part with a two-way entrance into that building in the second screenshot.


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Map 2 update: Need some testers for this 


Some side notes. I had alot of difficulty with the enemy placements on here so I really don't know how this is gonna turn out for a couple of you on here. First one had too many chaingunners and cluster fucks. Second too many revenants that made it easy to cheap out. I can garuentee people are gonna start getting annoyed with the amount of questions on good enemy placements.So if you have any ideas about them I'd be reall willing to listen for it.



Don't ask about the name doom chronicles alright I still haven't had plenty of thought for it at all.




-Just one changes-

Changed that chainsaw spot to a super shotgun since some of my buddies felt that it wasn't a right spot for it. 

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Screenshot_Doom_20200106_134553.png.7ebf645dd329ce47de19694009fc5c60.pngScreenshot_Doom_20200106_134557.png.5b89ecbffdfb7818935d46703a993c1d.pngSome random update. I have decided to restart this wad completely. Looking back at my current maps like the "outpost" and "vile swamp" felt like I was going into the wrong direction. When testing it I felt like I was looking at pretty spaghetti that tasted somewhat bland and gameplay didn't feel right as if I just threw in what ever could make it taste better . So I took upon myself to just restart it completely.


If any mod can give me a suggestion for this thread since I honestly don't know what to do with this one, Wanna avoid spamming my stuff.


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