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Plasma Gun

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The Plasma gun is waay cool, but It think it's a little to brightly colored. The green projectiles and such are great and fine, so is the gem in the center, but the metal case and the warning stripes don't look right in my opinion, and need to be darkened.

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The only I don't like about freedoom is some of the monsters... :/
they could need some more work,IMHO

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I think the animations often go quite well with what the creature is supposed to be. But still SoK's washout problem... I believe it was Sotarn who said "Ten to one his gamma is out of range." (something to that effect -- do not get offended if I have misquoted)

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Little Faith said:

It is a damn shame since Saint of Killer's monsters are extremely cool.

Did you see the touced-up version Fredrik made? They look a lot better than the originals. BTW, anybody know if SoK is still around?

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