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Can someone please help, I'm having sky troubles.


I don't know why but when I tried making an outdoor area to end the level I got stuck with this...



if anyone can explain what's going on and how to fix it I'll greatly appreciate it, I'm editing this in DOOM II format.


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It looks like you've put a sky texture on a wall? Normally Doom will only display a proper sky view on ceilings and floors.


But there is a trick for making the sky appear on a wall. If you give a sector the sky as a ceiling, and all surrounding sectors also have the sky as a ceiling, if you drag down the ceiling height the upper sidedef (that you've now revealed through dragging down the ceiling) will show up as a proper sky view.


It sounds more complex than it is: if you check out Map01 of Doom 2 it uses the same effect for the outdoor areas.


That's also a good guide for generally how to do sky views. You don't really want to allow the player to see the horizon as then they'll see the sky repeating (unless you use fancy ZDoom skyboxes or whatever). It's best to have at least a wall or something to block view. 

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