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Blury Screen

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If you put too much detail, or a lot of lines about 4 dots apart or something like that in a small area can that cause the screen to go blurry when playing the level and looking at the sectors from certain angles?
I’m pretty sure my sectors are ok. Like they all match and stuff I think.
I have not made wads for about five years now and when I did I used to get ‘vis map overflow 404’ a great deal or something like that. Is this the same thing or similar or am I just way off track?
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. J

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Vanilla DooM cannot handle too much of architectural detail, nor too many visible non-identical sectors. This will give you the VPO errors you encountered. Either reduce the detail, limit the area that is visible to the player at any given time, or use a "limitless" source port.

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Thanx for the tip. I've being using the standard doomII95 game for testing my wads. I have zdoom as well. But I only know how to load wads into zdoom through the command line (dos prompt). Is there an easier way to do this? Like dm or something. Main reason for me using the original version is so that I can make wads/levels that people can play without needing the jacked up ports.
But yes I will give it a try through zdoom. :)

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Y2theJ said:

...But I only know how to load wads into zdoom through the command line (dos prompt)...

Simple, just associate the .WAD extension with zdoom.exe (in my case, I use Windows ME, so the only thing that I had to do is to click on any .WAD file with the right mouse button, click in Properties, and, click in the button ´Alter´ or ´Change´ (I don´t know how it´s written in English since my Windows it´s not in English) in front of `Open with...´ and locate the zdoom.exe) and, whenever you click on a .WAD file, it´s gonna be load by ZDoom automatically ;)

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