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How do u clip trough the walls without cheats, on maps E2M6 and from D2, MAP02?

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Underhalls clipping through walls? First time I hear this. Do you actually mean squeezing between 2 walls in the area with the red keycard? If so, then you need to enable vertical mouse movement and use the mouse to move your character forward (you might also want to press W or what other kb key you have assigned for moving forward). You also need to be perfectly aligned with the wall to do successfully do it.


As about E2M6, that I'm familiar with. You basically need to straferun on a side of the wall where the blue skull is located to clip through the corner. Here's a video demonstrating it. You just need to wallrun on that wall to go through it. After that, you need to align yourself perfectly in the void with the switch in order to press it successfully (automap can help you here).



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Doom 2 Map02 is a glide, not a "clip through wall". Of course, to be exact, E2M6 is also a glide... called void glide.

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I've humped that corner in E2M6 until the zombies and demons are all standing around me, all like "the hell is he doing?" Could never do it

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To get the hang of it, play with -nomonsters to give you a little peace and quiet. There isn't a single and unique method, but the following should help you get through the wall:

Stand near the vertex to the south west of the one you need to break through. hard up against the wall.

Be pointing precisely west. Check the automap, use IDDT and zoom in to make sure you are exactly aligned with the axes.

Straferun to the left (SL40). Keep going until you reach the vertex. Continuous movement. If you don't break through the wall quickly, it has failed. Strafe right along the wall and try again.

Keep trying until you break through the wall. Exactly how far you are along the wall before you start running is a factor, as is how well you are pressed up against the wall. You may find that angling yourself very slightly clockwise helps.

After a while you build up a feeling for what works and what doesn't, and you'll start breaking through at the first attempt relatively often. Don't expect a cookie-cutter approach to work.

It goes without saying (I presume) that you need to be using a port/exe/settings that doesn't fuck with the game physics.

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