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Teleports for Boom Format doom 2

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Just like you would in vanilla Doom. There's a vanilla editing tutorial available. Have a look at how it's done there, and you're good to go.

Alternatively, open up any boom format WAD in doombuilder and check how it's done. I recommend looking at sunlust, it has some of the most robust setups out there.

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1 - Setup a sector to use as a Teleport.

2 - Make sure the linedefs of the Teleport sector are facing outwards (select them and hit "F" if they're not).

3 - Select all Teleport sector linedefs and change their action to 39 for a Single-use teleport or 97 for a Re-usable teleport, and give them all the same tag. this will be the destination sector tag (or just hit "browse actions" to see all available teleport types)

    W1 = Walk-over to trigger, once

    WR = Walk-over to trigger, repeatable

    S1 = Switch, once

    SR = Switch, repeatable

4 - Create a new sector and give it the same tag you gave the teleport linedefs (The sector itself this time, not the linedefs)

5 - Place a teleport destination inside it.



EDIT: Ninja'd by NiH

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