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miniwad.wad, a Minimalist IWAD

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I was thinking about replacing Freedoom in this


example, if you're developing a source port or Doom-related tool and need an IWAD for running automated tests

scenario in my project, but was surprised to find that GZDoom's load time is the same.


Still, there is a reason to use miniwad.wad instead, because in this case CI machine won't have to download freedoom.


Thanks, fraggle!

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19 minutes ago, fraggle said:
  • File size is less than 250 KiB, and only 45 KiB when compressed.
  • BYOL (Bring Your Own Level). The idea here is that you take any of the well-known megaWADs from idgames and play one of those. Otherwise you get 30 levels of the same tiny stub room.
  • Usable menus.
  • No music.
  • Flat shaded walls and floors. There's a palette of eight colors; the textures from Freedoom were processed and each assigned to one of the eight. Mid-space "fence" textures do appear correctly.
  • A tiny handful of sprites. All weapons are the same black rectangle; all monsters are the same creepy black silhouette; all items look like the same grey unlabelled box; all obstacles look like the same pillar.
  • Multiplayer is supported. Players will look like a black silhouette wearing a vest.
  • Two sound effects - gunshot and "pip". There are PC speaker versions of the same.
  • Final Doom textures are included, so you can play WADs like PL2.WAD with this.
  • BSD licensed, like Freedoom is.


Nice work! You've managed to make a version of "Doom" that could fit on a single 5.25" floppy disk.


This is what I imagine Doom might have looked like had it been created about 10 years earlier (minus the speed and probably scaling of light levels with distance).

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I unironically love the aesthetic and wonder when an Atari 2600 DOOM TC is coming next. <3 

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wow that extreme detailing on the switches and key stripes really blows me away. Really pulls together the focal points. And the sheer amount of pixels in the nukage barrels makes them near photo-realistic, I feel like I'm actually there!


All silliness aside though this is outstanding, it exemplifies modern dependency on fancy grayfix and is a good example to show the value of strict gameplay and map layout. It doesn't matter how many shadow silhouette figures with red dot pixel guns there are, what's important is how they're placed!!!


As a big fan of retro games there is uncanny enjoyment to be had here. Top quality efforts my good sir.

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This is weirdly creepy(ish) in darker areas, especially the lost souls. 

Here is a my gameplay video, I played this with "luigi's mansion" custom wad and my preferred gzdoom features.


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Obviously you changed the sounds, but did you make any changes to the way sound is handled by the engine?


Great idea though. Well done.

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What are you using for MIDI playback for the demo video music in the OP?  I really like the way they sound.

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Looks like a good device to start hacking 'n' experimenting!

Also, I know this has been a while, but I suggest renaming miniwad.wad to miniiwad.wad. I wonder if some people can confuse the original name as a miniwad (a DOOM II WAD with less than 10-15 custom maps).

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Posted (edited)

So, purely for science, I've decided to check if I could make miniwad even smaller and, uh... I mean yeah, it had plenty of uncropped sprites which I had to deal with, but I didn't stop there, o no no no no no no no no no no no


With ginormous amounts of voodoo magic, I brought it down from 230 497 bytes to a measly 211 073.



Severely optimised miniwad - 2023-05-28.7z


EDIT: Realised shortly after that I'm a dumbass and that I forgot to include a few patches and one flat. Oh well.

Edited by brightentayle

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