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DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8 [NEW!!]

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On 1/14/2020 at 12:44 PM, roboticmehdi2 said:

I know. What I ask is, what difference is between regular and dos versions of d4v.wad (this exact file)? They are not the same files. (I checked 2.5.7, still not same).


Most of the map wads have dehs of their own, what happened to them? why not included?


There is no difference , it's the same file .... randomly select any file from regular a dos version and they are the same


12 hours ago, roboticmehdi2 said:

Inconsistent files, too many versions, too many files, the need for fix files, etc... It could have been as simple and as clean as: "d4v.wad, d4v.deh, d4v.txt" (3 files, plus maybe a dehacked executable for those who are not familiar with deh). But no, it is complex and messy. I will not have it, for now. Sorry, everyone has an opinion, this is mine, it can be ignored or taken as a feedback, like any other opinion.


Inconsistent ? 

Too many versions = Only one , the latest one always , other versions are previous ones , you don't need them , there are "too many versions" because each one has fixes 


"Too many files" d4v.wad , and .deh files for the extra weapons... 


The fix files are there because of 666 and 667 sectors for some pwads on map 07 . YOU NEED THOSE files if you don't want to get softlocked..... if you play Doom 64 for Doom2 without using the "fixed wad" you will get stuck on map07 , if you idclev to map 30 you will get softlocked after beating the final boss , other fxxxx.wad are map07 fixes aswell. About a question you made about particular PWAD dehack files , those are overwritten by D4V dehacked file (that you don't need to manually load if you are using MBF on dosbox or any windows sourceport) 


Why do you need a .txt file ? It's actually super easy, there is a .txt file explaining you how to use the mod .... there is a modded doom2.exe provided so you don't have to apply the dehacked patched manually....all you need to do is open the batch file you want (depending on the sourceport you want to use) or simply create your own batch file using your favorite source port , in my case dosbox , but i also have a chocolate doom , crispy doom , gzdoom and prboom+ menus .... all using the same files 


11 hours ago, roboticmehdi2 said:

I was excited to see an excellent looking mod for vanilla. Not much of these is done these days, most go directly for gzdoom. But my excitement was gone for reasons mentioned.


wich source port are you using ? and how many pwads do you want to run using this mod ? I can create a menu for you using any sourceport , so you only will have to press a button (and enter if using a windows sourceport) 

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Probably the release I'm most satisfied so far, including some fixes on gzdoom and also new additions to the MS-DOS batch.
I will try to post the lite version later on!

Full changelog:



  • - Major overhaul on sprites (mancubus, revenant, lost soul, hell razer and cacodemon)
  • - Slighly gameplay tweaks to improve the action and make some specific combat scenarios more enjoyable
  • - Shotgun is slightly faster (the way it was on the first release)
  • - Added multi-directional firing sprites to the Cacodemon (how I not saw this before?)
  • - Fixed the offsets on the Mancubi flamethrower
  • - Slighly updated E3M8 with some fixes
  • - Fixed some brightmaps (hardware mode)
  • - Added the revenant trail to the IOS projectile (don't affect gameplay)
  • - Fixed a few minor bugs


  • - Fixed a very nasty bug on GZDoom where a Lost Soul corpse could block the player shots (a HUGE thanks to @silentzorah for letting me know via PM)
  • - Better texture compatibility for Doom Core and Alien Vendetta
  • - Fixed rendering issues with some map07fix files
  • - Improved some old textures
  • - Smaller fixes and other minor tweaks


  • - Fixed the shotgun bug on GZDoom
  • - Fixed some blood flats not getting animated on GZDoom 
  • - Improved some weapon brightmaps (software and hardware)
  • - Improved the flying blood sprite\animation
  • - The Pinky sprite is a bit larger
  • - Reduced the Gauss Cannon cooldown
  • - Improved the imp XDeath sprites
  • - Slighly decreased the bullet ammo count
  • - Improved some other animations (overall)
  • - Corrected one last Plutonia texture issue

v2.5.8 Changelog:

  • - Fixed the plasma rifle animation on GZDoom
  • - Fixed some Pinky sprites (corrected the open mouth)
  • - Fixed some behavior issues with the Cyberdemon
  • - Improved lighting and brightmaps for the Cyberdemon
  • - Finally added back some rocket trail to Zdoom
  • - Added map07 fixes for Doom Core and Reverie
  • - Added these maps to the MS-DOS edition
  • - Lavafall textures are brighter on hardware mode
  • - Fixed some minor balancing issues
  • - Restored the Sargeant shot lighting (gzdoom)
Edited by Noiser

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