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------------------------------------------------------------------   DOOM 4 VANILLA aka Doom 2016 the Way 1993 Did It   After almost two years, I'm proud to announce my biggest project so far: It's a gameplay mod inspired by Doom 2016, made to be compatible with any source-port (or without any of them). 
100% vanilla compatible and full of dehacked tricks! All under the limitations of the original Doom2.exe. 


*** FEATURES ***
------------------------- New demon abilities:
Mancubi with flamethrowers, Revenants using jetpacks, charging Pinkies, insta-moving Summoners... all the good stuff! Tough weaponry:
As the 2x faster Chaingun, the Super Chainsaw that can kill almost any demon, a “glory-killing” sequence of punches and weapons with faster animations. Visually, it’s a mix of the original sprites by Neccronixis with some details from Franco Tieppo's version.  Extra-weapons:  Version 2.0 also added 8 new weapons (including the Gauss Cannon) that can be individually picked to replace the regular ones. A refined set of enemy sprites:
At least a better job compared to my initial attempts from 2016, some of them reworked from scratch. You can see the full bestiary down here. The Doom4mator:
An extensive change of textures\flats to set any map on a Doom 2016 mood, including foundries on the surface of Mars or Hellish canyons filled with toxic waste. Powered by DMXOPL:
The amazing soundbank made by Csonicgo. Listen to a new selection of tracks (a few of them from Doom 2016) with improved OPL instruments. Perfect for some heavy djent riffs! Unusual vanilla effects: Brightmaps for sprites and textures Blood splats on floors A custom palette with vivid tones New COLORMAP tint effects Aligned weapons when fired Quick-weapon switching Monsters with multiple abilities TRAILER
Watch it on 1080p for the BEST experience:


  MAPS MADE FOR D4V: Chrono-Displacement Labs [Single-map, Boom] by @meapineapple Drought [3 maps, Boom] by @Tango   RECOMENDED WADS: