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Polyobject Problem. Need Help. Thanks

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As y'all have seen, I am currently updating the Jazz Jackrabbit Doom TC I'm designing.

I decided to work on secret level that will take place in a giant pinball machine that is functional.


I did research on my own about Polyobjects. I got the left Flipper (in the screenshot) to work properly, which is awesome.

The right flipper on the other hand is giving my trouble. 




I was at first going by the steps that you see in the 2nd screenshot. Then I realized after a few attempts the Speed -32 CW goes to 0

after clicking "OK" (on it's own). I read a forum that you have to write a script if you want Swing Doors to move Clock Wise.

I tried it as you see in the 3rd screenshot. But it's not working.





Can y'all send me feedback about this? It'll be appreciated.


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