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How do you use the viddump feature in PrBoom+

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I don't know really anything on how to use this feature, to use it while you record a demo or when watching back a demo, or if it requires more applications to use it. I got some information from various sources, but it's still not clear. 

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It's documented in prboom-plus-usage.txt, but basically, the engine needs to be configured to pipe audio and video data to external programs and then you can dump games with "prboom-plus -timedemo demo -viddump demo.mkv" -- the timedemo bit is important.


I use ffmpeg and have it configured as such:

cap_soundcommand          "ffmpeg -f s16le -ar %s -ac 2 -i - -c:a flac temp.flac"
cap_videocommand          "ffmpeg -f rawvideo -pix_fmt rgb24 -r %r -s %wx%h -i - -c:v ffv1 temp.nut"
cap_muxcommand            "ffmpeg -i temp.nut -i temp.flac -c copy -y %f"
cap_tempfile1             "temp.flac"
cap_tempfile2             "temp.nut"
cap_remove_tempfiles          1
cap_fps                      35


This makes some very large files, as both the audio and video are lossless.

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I can't find the forum post where I found this but someone uploaded a zipped version of all 3 required executables and for some reason they worked for me (they say 32 bit even though I'm on 64 bit). I didn't have to change my cfg. I reuploaded to mediafire here


Once you have those executables use the command line command from chungy's post

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