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The DWIronman League dies to: Revolution!

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On 9/13/2019 at 9:50 PM, Rook said:

Wasn't enjoying these maps at all so played in a very rushed way and was turned into raspberry jam by a revenant rocket on MAP06.


Category 1: dwironmanrooktvr.zip

With what exactly have you recorded this demo? Both prBoom+ and Eternity spit out an "Unknown demo format" at me.

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Dead on MAP03 because I fucked up and let an acid-dwelling arachnotron fry me, then, just as I was reaching for a medikit, a shotgunner from nowhere finished the job. (A pox on these acid rivers with no radsuit in sight.)


Dammit!! Guess I'm occupying the coveted last place this month.


Category 1. I've played this mapset before, but it was years ago and I remembered nothing that could give me an advantage.

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Wow, such chilling.




Hunger and thirst couldn't stop me from finishing it. I've even done MAP33 from tvr!midi.wad to get the royal flush (fantastic tracks TBH, liked it a lot more than Plutonia MIDI Pack).

You won't believe, but I played Revolution! for the first time, though have heard of it many years ago. So, here's pure Category I entry.




Vincent's retribution gone right.

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I really like Alfonzo's decision to allow both a Category 1/Category 2 submission and a Category 3 submission. I may be the only person doing both, owing to the fact that I perform so poorly that I have the time to do both, but I still like his decision. It means I actually get to submit a blind run and still be able to actually passably prepare a run. Granted, I don't have time to thoroughly practice and prepare (and it tends to show toward the end of runs), but I like it nonetheless. I usually do my blind run in the first few days of the month and the "prepared" run a few weeks later.


Without further ado...


Category 1

Dead on Map 02

Kills: 6/59

Time: 10:11


Playing blind, without sound on, doesn't bode well for long term survival, especially when you fail to notice the demon sneaking up behind you. Creeping around and looking carefully around corners can help your survival chances, but missing the one that actually holds a monster, generally doesn't help matters.


Category 3

Dead on Map 03

Kills: 4/91

Time: 11:03


I will admit, I didn't handle the beginning of Map 03 very well. I hadn't managed to get past Map 03, so I figured the run was going to end there, what with the caliber of enemies taking a big step up. Still, I would've liked to have made it a little farther in having come in with over 90% health. Oh well. The fun of Ironman runs.


This was a interesting mapset. I may, at some point, play it on a lower difficulty level to see more of it. It had some nice features, and it seemed like there was even a storyline brewing. Interesting choice for this month. I wonder what it bodes for next month, since Alfonzo typically precedes or follows "more difficult" mapsets with "easier" ones.


On 9/22/2019 at 4:53 AM, JudgeDeadd said:

Dammit!! Guess I'm occupying the coveted last place this month.


Sorry to disappoint you, but not this month. You'll have to settle for the slightly less coveted penultimate place in the rankings.


EDIT: I forgot to add the demo. Here it is.



Edited by Pegleg : Added the demos.

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cat 2,  stature reduced on  map23



I'd played up until map15 with the club a few years back, and I'd seen the warnings on the teeth area, map20 iirc


accidentally played the first 2 maps with mouselook, didnt realise, sorry


No secret maps, but one cheeky exit on map08

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Rolling in with a type 2 entry near the end of the month.  It may have been over 10 years since I played this set but I remember some things such as the start of map 6.  Other things I don't remember so well.  Map 8 nearly got me and map 10 threw me for a loop.  Finished 11 maps and quit due to exhaustion.


PrBoom+ -complevel 2


I'm going to pass out now.


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On 9/28/2019 at 10:25 PM, Pegleg said:

Sorry to disappoint you, but not this month. You'll have to settle for the slightly less coveted penultimate place in the rankings.

There seems to be no demo attached.

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This is likely within my skill level to survive with a prepared attempt, had I set aside time to prepare that is.  The pace would be faster too since I wouldn't be cautiously creeping around nearly as much.  Got engaged with some very non-Doomy stuff though.


When I did fire up Doom, it was making progress through the Alfonzone.  Completed about 3 (out of 10) episodes in that set this month.  There's something deliciously ironic in that being the mapset that I spent Dooming instead of trying to prepare for a category 3 recording.

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14 hours ago, NaZa said:

There seems to be no demo attached.


Thank you Naza for pointing that out. I even had them zipped and everything, ready to go. I just forgot to actually attach them to the message.


I rectified the situation by editing my original post to include the demos, in all their glory.

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It's October 1st. I've done it again, McCain!


Cat 3, died on MAP14 because I started running around like a headless chicken not knowing what corner to jump into, overly mindful of the cyberdemon (which I'm pretty sure fired exactly 0 rockets) and partially distracted by Dan Aykroyd's babbling on about UFOs in the podcast I was listening to. I should have put on something less stimulating in its weirdness... or maybe something not at all weird, like Steven Pinker.




I look forward to further realizing my dwindling Doom skills next month this month, holy shit.

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