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tutorial to merge more wad in one megawad


Dear all , can someone link some tutorials to :


- merge more wads in only one megawad for doom / doom2

- replacing the intro , intermission , ending title graphics ,

- renaming the levels and adding story at the end of each episodes

- replacing the music and sound effects.


or : how to make a wad file with only new names for the level , new story at the end of episodes, new intro, intermission and ending titles

thanks a lot!

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If you're just going to merge other people's work, I wouldn't recommend it, People don't like that. but anyways there's no clear tutorials for doing all this stuff so you have to familiarize yourself with the essentials first:


Use Slade for adding new resources or editing existing resources of wads, including levels, graphics, sounds..etc: http://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=downloads


If you have already made more than 1 level and wish to merge them into a single wad, open them both and copy their content and paste them into a new wad. but be warry of lump order: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/WAD#Lump_order


Which port are you making this for? If it's G/ZDoom and it's derivatives use this for replacing story text at the end of episodes: https://zdoom.org/wiki/MAPINFO, WhackEd allows modifying some of these I believe if you're going for vanilla or boom compatibility.


For replacing music: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Adding_custom_music

You replace SFX same way you replace music, except you need to find the name of the sound effect lump you want to replace instead of the music lump, Open the wad that has the original sounds you wish to replace, find the lump name for the sound and give the one in your wad the same name the original sound uses.

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I think I should clarify with an example , I have e1m1.wad , e1m2.wad ecc. I want to connect them as consecutive level in one megawad  so the result will be if you finish the first e1m1.wad after the usual intermission screen  you move to e1m2.wad  until e1m8 so I was thinking if there is a software to do this kind of "merge" easily... thanks!

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For Doom 1 you simply name them E1M1, E1M2...etc and put them in the same wad file and the game will auto advance to the next level after you finish the level preceding it. same thing for Doom 2 except you name them MAP01, MAP02...etc instead.


Putting them in the same wad file is fairly easy using Slade, just paste all maps content in the same wad file. either create a new empty wad file from "File > New > New Wad Archive" or open your existing wad files and copy / paste (CTRL+C and CTRL+V) all their content into 1 file without messing with the lump order (named Entries in Slade).


Never heard of or used wadmerge before so I don't know how it works.


EDIT: Note that you can still have (for example) MAP03 before MAP01....etc in the wad file, the ingame map order is determined by the Map Marker (MAP01 will always be followed by MAP02...etc)

Edited by tempdecal.wad

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