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my problem with multiplayer

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hi i am new here and this looks like a good site to answer this question (i play on d touch) so im playing multiplayer on doom, but when i try to go on a server this happens, i need help with this.


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So, all those .PK3 and .WAD files are mods hosted on the server. On a PC, Doom Explorer or Doomseeker would simply download these wads, make you wait a minute while it downloaded, then let you in.


Is d-touch running Zandronum? Either way, you'll have to find some way to download all of those wads & mods to your device (and make sure they're in the right directory) before you can connect. Even the most basic servers usually have a wad or two to download.


Hopefully there are some others more experienced with d-touch that can help you out, I pretty much only play on the computer.

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1: go to https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/wads, or doomshack.org, or /idgames, or google search, find and download the wads you want, them move them into delta touchs maps or mods folder.

2: if you're playing with a friend who has the wads, get them to pack them all up and transfer to you, then unpack them and move to maps or mods folder.


You can also host servers of your own wad choice on tspg.net. Happy fragging :)

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