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If Doom / Doom 2 / Final Doom came out nowadays... Would you still buy the games?

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Maybe at half that price, as long as it has new levels, I tend to skip DLCs that add nothing but cheap reskins or just new weapons...etc, and I don't buy games at full price anyways.

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There's another factor - I don't remember anyone paying full price for the original Doom. Although it was naughty a lot of people pirated it, not just because it was easy but because getting hold of the game was harder than popping to the local HMV. Mail-order was awkward in 1993.


In contrast me and my friends thought of Doom II as essentially the first opportunity to buy a boxed Doom game in a shop. The modern equivalent I suppose would be if Undertale was sold directly from the developer's website, and you could only pay for it with direct bank transfer, and then Undertale II - with different maps but otherwise the same game - was released on the Steam store.

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