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GZDoom Mult Monitor problem

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So I've been using GZDoom and I'm struggling with changing the default monitor since I have 2 of them


I can do "vid_listadapters" and it lists 

1. [1920x1080 @ (0,0)] (Primary)

2. [1920x1080 @ (1920,0)] 


I try to do the Vid_Adapter 2, nothing changes and I've looked all around and I'm told that's all I have to do, hasn't done jack shit. It's still on my 2nd monitor and hasn't budged a bit. Anyone else got anymore advice that could help?

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i had the same one playing Hedom. Try this.

Search where you source port it's installed, then check your usename-gzdoom.ini and right click and then edit with notepad or whatever text app you have.

Search for vid_adapter=1 and replace it for 2.

Save and try it.


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